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Tricks to Make the Most Out of Your Next Work Trip

Work travel is both fun and exhausting. It's a great way to see more of the world, meet new people, and eat new cuisines. At the same time, being away from home and the craziness of your workdays sometimes makes it more of a burden than a benefit.

Here are a couple of my go to tricks to minimize some of the disadvantages of work trips.

Think Ahead About Your Packing

Create a Travel Checklist

No matter how often you travel, as soon as you start packing it seems like you forget what you need. Having a check list of the items you need, and the items you like if you have room can help you avoid the stress each time.

Have A Separate Set of Toiletries

Setting up your toiletries so you have a travel set vs. your daily items makes packing easy. With the exception of some of the more expensive items make sure you have your basics already in your toiletry bag and refill it as you unpack.

Make the Most of Your Per Diem

Hit the Grocery Store & Get a Microwave in Your Room

Eating out all the time can be a lot and the costs quickly add up. Consider stopping by a grocery store and picking up some light and easy bites. Breakfast is a great meal or even sandwich/salad items for lunch.

Plus, most hotels have microwaves you can ask to be brought to your rooms. Some even have larger refrigerators as well. Call ahead and see if that's an option for your visit.

Eat Off Property As Much As Your Can

There are so many reasons to eat off property. First, you actually get to enjoy the local cuisine. Second, you'll have healthier options. Finally, it's cheaper!

Spend sometime exploring Yelp or finding blog posts on Pinterest to find some of the local can't miss spots or local favorites.

Can't Get Off Property? Order Delivery!

At the same time, there are so many trips where you can't get off property. Whether you're running the event or just have too many meetings. One of the perks of delivery exploding is that it's available not just at home but when you travel.

Get a taste of local cuisine without the stress of having to travel. Plus, it's often still cheaper than eating at the hotel.

Bring or Buy Your Own Booze

For those of us who like to wind down after a crazy days work with a glass of wine, it can get pricey when staying at a hotel all the time. And if you're like me, it's not allowed in your per diem.

Instead considering either stopping by a grocery store to purchase some affordable choices or even pack your own.

If you're checking a bag, throw in a bottle of wine you already own at home.

Keep as Much Routine as You Can

Plan Your Workout Approach

It's easy to break your routine when you're traveling and make excuses for your workouts. Look before your leave on what the gym offers, if they don't have your go to equipment make a back up plan. I've been know to travel with 3 lb weights in my bag since I can fit in workout in my room.

Pay Attention to Your Sleep

Whether it's that you're changing time zones, have early starts or late nights, make sure you're paying attention to your sleep. As much as you can keep it normal you'll have a better time both while you're traveling and once you get home.

Get Outside

Especially with event work, sometimes everything is taking place under one roof. When that's the case it's often hard to leave. Find some time each day to get outside even if that's just a nice walk around the hotel. Your mind and body will thank you for it later.

Add Some Fun & Extra Time to Your Trip

Whenever I can, I add a couple extra days onto my work trips. Sometimes this is staying a few days to explore the location, sometimes it's visiting friends and family, and other times it is using that new location as a launch point.

Take a look at what might be a quick drive or flight from your work destination and you might be able to visit a spot that seemed to far or expensive to get to from home.

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