Write for Us – Guest Post on Traveling Nine to Fiver

Traveling Nine to Fiver is now accepting submissions for guest posts. We are currently accepting guest posts focusing on destinations not currently featured on the blog ranging from top activities in a city, weekend getaway itineraries, best places to eat, where to stay, and similar topics.

At this time we only accept original work and currently do not pay for guest posts. While someday I’d love that to change at this point it’s an opportunity for you to showcase your writing and increase your exposure.

Why you should guest post on Traveling Nine to Fiver

  • Exposure on an established travel website.
  • All stories will remain the property of the writer who is granting a non-exclusive license for the story to appear on TravelingNinetoFiver.com
  • Posts will be promoted on a number of our social media outlets.
  • The story will appear under the author byline and will end with the author’s biography which can and should have links to the author’s website or social accounts.

Interested? Here’s what to do!

  1. Read about Traveling Nine to Fiver and our mission here. Peruse the site to get an idea of appropriate stories for our audience. We are currently looking for destination specific posts, these perform best on the blog and allow you to show off a city, state or country that you love.
  2. Email megan@travelingninetofiver.com with your story idea and what you’re looking to link to (your blog, website, etc.).
  3. After confirming the story idea. Send your article draft of 800+ words along with a minimum of 3 photos at 600 pixels wide. And one at 1200 x 400 pixels.
    1. NOTE – You must have the rights to publish all photos you provide. If they are not your photos please ensure you have the rights to publish and provide the information to give credit to the original source. 
  4. Please name your jpg such as location-keywords-description before sending.
  5. In the article draft please include all relevant links to businesses mentioned within the article or at the end. Feel free to link to one or two relevant articles on your own site as well.
  6. Don’t forget to include keywords that the reader would use to search for the subject of the article. They should be in your title and appear about once every 80 to 100 words, falling naturally into your writing.
  7. If it’s your first time writing for Traveling Nine to Fiver also send a bio under 100 words and a photo of yourself.

A little more information on the type of articles we’re looking for

We are looking for travel writing guest posts that focus on travel for full-time professionals. Please offer original ideas that would be interesting to locals and visitors. Mainly, we are looking for guest posts that are destination specific. The most successful guest posts focus on top activities in a city, best places to stay in a city, a week or weekend itinerary, or best places to eat in a city.

Questions about grammar and such for your guest post? Read The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition by William Strunk and E. B. White

About Megan

Megan MacNee is the founder of Traveling Nine to Fiver. From nine to five she works in the non-profit world in California. She focuses on exploring the world from her own backyard to across the globe. You'll find her sharing about explorations through food, books, travel, and more.