Where to Stay Around Monterey, California

Where to stay around the Monterey Bay in California. Great places with even better deals. Find a hotel or even a campsite for your getaway.

I have yet to find a weekend destination I enjoy more than the Monterey area. For me, it is about a three-hour drive, but well worth it if especially if we can stay a night or two. There are so many great places to stay around Monterey. . You can find more about what I love doing in Monterey here, but I wanted to highlight where I’ve enjoyed staying so far.

Monterey can become pricey, but it is also easy to do as a steal if you play your cards right. First tip, is avoid going June through August. Prices surge over the summer and the thing is the weather isn’t necessarily any better. You can go for a weekend in October and still spend a day on an 80-degree beach, or in January in the 70s. I’ve actually found I enjoy it more in the winter since there are less folks around, but the weather is still lovely.

Where to stay around the Monterey Bay in California. Great places with even better deals. Find a hotel or even a campsite for your getaway.

There are so many places to stay and as long as it isn’t the busy season that is to your advantage. I’ve been able to find good deals, even on the weekend of the AT&T Pro-Am at Pebble Beach. From discounted rates for booking directly to finding Priceline Express Deals most of the time you can find a great place to stay at a good deal in Monterey.

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Luxury Resort with Great Deals

Hyatt Regency Monterey

The top things to do in Monterey, California. What to eat, where to drink and great activities.

Tucked just on the other side of Downtown Monterey, this resort is a perfect getaway. With two pools, a golf course, and a fireside lounge you can grab a glass of wine at. You are only a couple minutes drive from the main attractions and have easy access to hop down to Carmel or Big Sur. They have jazz musicians every weekend, a sports bar and restaurant all on-site. Their rooms run closer to $200, but we have stayed there with Priceline Express Deals for as low as $90. Gorgeous rooms, great staff and all the amenities you need make it the perfect place to stay and relax.

Cozy and Convenient Hideaways

Lover’s Point Inn

My favorite town in the Monterey area is Pacific Grove, and in it is the Lover’s Point Inn. It is simple accommodations, but they have everything you need. It is set up like an old motel, but I would still give it three stars. Rooms start at $145, but they run lower on the deal sites. Many of the rooms also have partial ocean views and Lover’s Point, a perfect viewing point, isn’t even a block away. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a mile walk down the coast, as well as Cannery Row. Additionally, for the AT&T Pro-Am if you stay there you get the free Pacific Grove shuttle to the course.

Monterey Sunrise Lover's Point View
The view from Lover’s Point during a breathtaking sunrise.

Mariposa Inn & Suites

I have to admit when we first pulled up we weren’t too excited about this place, but even though the exterior is a little disappointing the second you step inside you can tell they have turned this place around and filled it with cozy upgrades. This spot is extremely accessible to downtown as well as the surrounding areas. The bed was large and cozy, the pool and fire pits are perfect for a lazy afternoon or evening and it comes at a great deal. We booked it for only $80 on Priceline Express Deals.

Roughing It

Camping at Veteran’s Memorial Park

I have to admit I haven’t stayed here yet but have a couple friends who swear by. Especially, if you are a last minute visitor or heading down during high season this park just outside of downtown is a cheap and easy place to stay. While it doesn’t have the scenic views of the camping sites in Big Sur, you can enjoy getting away to explore Monterey without spending much at all. If you’re like me you spend most of you time away from your accommodations anyways. Campsites are only $30 a night.

So Many Reasons To Stay Around Monterey

Where to stay around the Monterey Bay in California. Great places with even better deals. Find a hotel or even a campsite for your getaway.

One of the problems with the Monterey region is that it’s filled with so many amazing things to do and places to stay that it is hard to both visit your favorites and try out new spots. With that, I know there are many more places I am hoping to stay in the region. My next visit, I am planning on staying over in Carmel, which I’ve visited for the day but never stayed in. The Carmel Valley is another area I’m hoping to explore soon.

If there are any places in the area you can’t wait to get back to let me know and I will have to add them to my list.

For more information about Monterey & Carmel check out these great books on Amazon including Day Hikes On the California Central CoastFodor’s Northern CaliforniaLonely Planet Pacific Coast Highways Road Trips, and Lonely Planet Coastal California.

Traveling to Monterey Soon?

Above are a few of my favorite places to stay around Monterey & Carmel.
Learn more about and book more fantastic hotels in Monterey on Priceline and TripAdvisor.

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