Take A Weekend to Explore Twin Falls, Idaho

I set off on my trip to explore Twin Falls not know what to expect. My main purpose was to visit a good friend and I’m always excited to explore a new place. I’d never been to Idaho, outside of airports that is, and was excited to find out what all it offered. Luckily, I had some great tour guides who helped me fall in love with a place I would have otherwise overlooked.

From taking in a series of landscapes so different from what I’d used to at home to exploring the delicious food and wine that was grown right in Idaho, I had an enjoyable time getting to know the area.  By the time I was leaving after a long weekend I ready to plan another trip back to explore Twin Falls even more.

Start by Checking Out the Falls

Now, if you’re heading to a town called Twin Falls you know you’re going to want to go find those waterfalls. And, trust me, you won’t walk away disappointed.

Image of waterfall, Twin Falls in Twin Falls Idaho.

Swing by the namesake, Twin Falls. While not the grandest of the waterfalls in town it’s a beautiful view of the Snake River. The only problem is that it’s been awhile since there have been two falls at this location. Along with the beautiful view of the one fall still running, you’ll get a chance to learn a little history of the town and the role the falls have played.

Image of massive waterfall in Idaho. Shoshone falls.

The waterfall that will put any others in the Western U.S. to shame is Shoshone Falls. This beautiful series of falls will awe you with the amount of water flowing over it. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get a chance to catch a rainbow or two appearing in the mist of the falls.

Don’t Forget to Take In the Vistas

The falls themselves are great views but that’s not the only time you’ll want to take in a view as you explore Twin Falls. Make sure to take in the iconic view of the Perrine Bridge. It’s a beautiful look along the Snake River and makes for a postcard quality shot.

Photo of Perrine Bridge from the canyon in Twin Falls, Idaho.

The canyon along the Snake River makes for countless different spots where you can stop in and take in the views. Views along the Snake River. Enjoy a walk along the Snake River Canyon Trail and enjoy the views.

Hike Your Way Through a Canyon

Women hiking into Box Canyon in Idaho.

When you want to change your perspective consider taking a hike into the Canyon. For a beautiful place to explore you’ll want to head over to Box Canyon. Try something a little different by starting a hike by going down into a canyon.

You’ll start with enjoying the beautiful landscape will walking along the rim of the canyon. Once you make your way down you get the chance to enjoy it from an entirely different perspective.

Dog sitting on wooden stairs with a waterfall to his side in Box Canyon.

Along the way, you’ll find beautiful twists and turns, including a few little falls. Making this spot a beautiful hike throughout most of the year.

And Make Sure to Eat Your Way Around Town

Tne natural beauty of Twin Fall’s continues as you explore much of their food. You’ll find their restaurants highlighting the local produce, wine, and beer.

Photo of plate of food, a perfectly cooked steak, barley, yellow squash and pesto from Yellow Brick Cafe in Twin Falls, Idaho.

One spot you won’t want to miss is the Yellow Brick Cafe. Pop in for a delicious brunch menu in the morning or grab a refreshing meal at lunch. The menu changes seasonally and you’ll be able to enjoy everything from salads to sandwiches to bowls of deliciousness (like the one right below). Then in the evening swing back by to grab some of their small plates, I particularly enjoyed the cheese plate and try some of the Idaho wines and beers they carry.

If you’re looking to enjoy a view while you eat, stop by Elevation 486. Right on the canyon rim, you’ll be able to take in some of those views we talked about earlier. Give one of their delicious entrees a try or one of the flavorful pasta.

Now, if you’re in the mood for a classic diner, swing by the Buffalo Cafe. They have everything from your classic breakfast plates to heavy loaded breakfast dishes. I loved the Buffalo Chips that came with all my favorite breakfast toppings. But a half order was more than enough to fill me up. Just make sure you have a biscuit on the side since you’ll be sad if you miss it.

Take Home a Bit of Idaho with You from Downtown

Now that you’ve had a chance to try some of Twin Fall’s delicious local products you might want to take some home. When you wander around Downtown you’ll find cute shops to pop into.

Photo of man and woman standing in wine shop.

One I particularly enjoyed was Rudy’s – A Cook’s Paradise. Here you can find all the kitchen gadgets your heart desires, and they carry a selection of local Idaho wine and beer. Their staff is friendly and helpful, so let them know what you’re looking for and they’ll point you in the right direction.

You might notice as you explore Twin Falls, that one of their major industries is dairy. A great way to get a taste of that industry is visiting Glanbia Cheese Marketplace. Here you can pop in, try a dozen or so of their local cheeses and then take a few home with you. The curds are particularly delicious for roasting up at home.

Stay Awhile & Get the Chance to Explore Twin Falls

While Twin Falls might not have started out on your to visit list, once you arrive you’ll find there are some many reasons to explore Twin Falls. From it’s natural beauty to the delicious meals you’ll enjoy, you’ll want to stay far longer than just a weekend.

As for where you might want to stay, you’ll find many well-rated and popular hotel brands in Twin Falls’ selection of hotels but one that stands out is the boutique Fillmore Inn. It might be a little more pricey but you’ll have more of a unique experience in Twin Falls.

Wherever you stay, you’ll want to be sure to take a handful of days to explore Twin Falls. I’m already itching to head back and explore more of what the area has to offer.

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