Travel Tips – How to Remember The Details

Travel Tips - How to Remember the Details. Tricks to better experience your travels and how to remember them later on.I love exploring new cities, but I always have a problem not remembering the details of what all I did. The names and the locations. I can tell you I amazing tapas in the San Francisco Mission, but it wasn’t until three years later when someone else led me to the spot by chance that I figured out where I had been. I might even take a photo of a place, but that rarely includes the name of the place. One of the great things about starting to blog is I have to remember, I have to take notes and I have to take pictures.

These are all things that anyone traveling should be doing whether it is to share your favorite spots with your friends or so you can find that hike you loved on your next visit. On top of that, I have found that working to observe and remember these details have improved my memories of the overall experience. Allowing my travels to make a bigger impact on my life.

Bookmarks on Yelp

This tool can impact both your travels and your memories. When you are doing research for your travels bookmark the restaurants and activities you might want to do. When you are at your destination you can pull up a map with all those locations already saved on it. On top of that when you are at somewhere you’ve enjoyed open the app, bookmark the spot and even add the review.

I’ve loved having these little maps to remember the name and location of my favorite spots as we travel. Especially, when you are trying to send a friend to that amazing place you went that otherwise you might not be able to describe.

Take Photos and Tag Them

Take a lot of photos! Photos of the food, of the menu, or the sign out front. Now I am not saying take a selfie every ten minutes but whenever you arrive or are leaving a place make a habit of taking a couple photos. I’ve hated that as I’ve wanted to remember a trip that I don’t actually have a photo of that moment I loved. They also make a simple way to flip back through your trip for the missing details. If you’re posting any on social media don’t forget to tag where you are. You’ll remember that you have the photo and even if it doesn’t have any details in the photo the tag will have the location.

Google Maps

If Yelp isn’t your thing another way to save specific destinations on a map is using Google Maps. You can create a great archive and resource for your trips. The perk of Google Maps is you can even share the maps with friends and family. On top of that it doesn’t hurt to have your destinations already in a map app as you’re trying to find your way around. One year I even put an annual pub crawl on a Google Map top share with friends.

Take Notes

It seems so simple but before I started blogging I rarely took notes about my travels. Eventually, I got sick of heading off to places like San Francisco and not remembering where that great wine bar or restaurant my friend took me to was. I started with notes in the iPhone note app for my favorite frequent destinations. Now I’ve stepped it up and use Trello to keep track of what I am doing on my travels as well as carrying around a notebook in my purse. It has made it so much easier to remember and share my experiences.

Remembering is Part of the Experience

You don’t want to be so busy taking notes and photos or fidgeting with apps to miss what is happening around you. But it is also no good to be too focused on what is directly in front you to miss the details around you and forget what you’ve experienced. Since I’ve been focusing on observing and remembering the details, my travels have become even more enjoyable. On top of that it makes you much better at sharing them.

Have you tried some of these travel tricks? Do they work for you? What other tips do you have to remember the details from your travels?

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