The Perfect Beach Vacation in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Last year, we had an amazing week in Puerto Rico, the first five days we ran around the island exploring everything we could. As much as we took the trip to explore, then we headed back to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where we wanted to check out and relax before heading back to our lives. That is where Numero Uno came in.

We wanted to end our trip lying on the beach, without any hassles or concerns. My first thought was finding a resort, but for me sometimes spending all that money on a big pool when want I really want is the beach isn’t worth it. Numero Uno is a beachfront hotel with great service, but none of the extra cost of a resort. So we headed back to San Juan, Puerto Rico for our last few days on the island to relax.

The perfect place to stay for a relaxing beach vacation in San Juan Puerto Rico. Relax on the sand at a hotel with beachfront service without splurging.

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The Logistics

Numero Uno is in the Ocean Park neighborhood of San Juan, Puerto Rico. About a $20 cab ride from the airport, and just outside of Isla Verde. A quieter area than the main hotel strip, but just as beautiful of a beach.

The rooms are on the basic side, but perfectly clean and adequate. Rooms start at $100 a night, which is hard to beat for being on the beach.

Additionally, it’s a quick cab ride over if you’re looking into exploring Old San Juan but still want to stay on the beach. Make sure to look if it’s available when you’re considering where to stay in Puerto Rico.

Service on the Beach

You get resort service at Numero Uno‘s without the costs. They provide lounge towels and will set up lounge chairs and umbrellas on the beach for you. It is the perfect way to spend the day on the beach. Their restaurant also services the beach, so if you want a piña colada on the sand this is an ideal spot. One day we spent about twelve hours on the sand, mind you, we’d already explored ourselves out (with all these things to do in Puerto Rico).

The perfect place to stay for a relaxing beach vacation in San Juan Puerto Rico. Relax on the sand at a hotel with beachfront service without splurging.

Pamela’s – A Delicious Addition

The restaurant on property is so good we ate there both nights. It is upscale elegant food with an island flare. The fish dishes were the best. On top of that you can sit in the sand. There is nothing better than walking downstairs from your room, out onto the sand and sitting down for a relaxing dinner. We even got to finish our dinner with drinks on lounge chairs watching the waves one night and took a walk on the beach before coming back for dessert the next. Our second night we thought about exploring somewhere new, but had enjoyed both staying at the hotel and the restaurant so much we ate there again.

Pamelas Numero Uno Beach Dinner Sand

The Perfect Beach Front Getaway in San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you’re heading to Puerto Rico and want to add a couple day’s of beach relaxation to your itinerary make sure Numero Uno is on your list. You get the perfect San Juan beach, a delicious restaurant, and service on the sand, all at a reasonable price.

If you do stay, look up Kasalta a local breakfast spot. We went both mornings for a quesito and cortadito our two favorite mornings Puerto Rican treats.

All of this made for the perfect last week on our week in Puerto Rico.

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Traveling to Puerto Rico Soon?

Above is one of my favorite places to stay in the Puerto Rico.
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