The Best Breakfast Sandwich – Tasty Brie, Jam & Bacon

Sometimes when you’re out of town you come across a meal, snack or drink that you keep craving when you get back home but you can’t go back as frequently as you’d like.

Lately, the boyfriend and I have been craving something from our trip to Manhattan Beach at North End Café. We actually at breakfast there twice.

Next time we are in town I know we will be stopping by to try out lunch but for right now we are obsessed with their breakfast sandwiches. Our favorite was the Zachary, a beautiful blend of brie, jam, bacon and egg. Since we can’t just hop on the plane I thought I’d give it a shot.

My copycat Zachary may not have been as good as the original but it has made its way into our breakfast rotations.

The Copy Cat Zachary Breakfast Sandwich

(Ingredients for one sandwich)The Best Breakfast Sandwich Ingredients

  • One bagel (or English muffin, bread or your choice of base)
  • One egg
  • Two pieces of bacon
  • A hearty slice of brie (we use three two inch long slices)
  • A few tablespoons of jam (we use raspberry)

Get the bacon grilling up and cook it to your taste. I like mine before it gets too crispy.

Toast you bagel/base to the point that is just starting to brown. You’ll throw them back in a little later.

Crack an egg into a small bowl and melt some butter into the frying pan. Once the butter has melted slide you egg onto the pan. Cook for about four minutes or if you’d like it over-mediThe Best Breakfast Sandwich um a little shorter.

Take you bagel out and on one side place three slices of brie and place it back into the toaster. Toast until the brie is just starting to melt.

On the other half of bagel spread the jam.

Now add your egg and bacon to the bagel making it a nice sandwich and cut it in half.

Chow down and enjoy!

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