Sunrise Beach Koh Lipe: A Piece of Paradise in Thailand

Koh Lipe has been known as one of the most attractive islands of Thailand. The island has several beautiful beaches which are preferred by tourist all over the world. Those beaches with white sand will make you feel like you are in a paradise, especially Sunrise beach, which is one of the most magnificent beaches on the island. Making Koh Lipe one of Thailand’s must visit destinations.

There are a few things you should know as you plan your visit to Koh Lipe.

Where is Koh Lipe?

Boats sitting right off the beach with an island in the background in Koh Lipe, Thailand.

The island is located 60 kilometers away from the middle of Thailand. From Koh Lipe, you can see the Langkawi island of Malaysia which is just 30 kilometers away. The island is a part of Adang Islands, which is a cluster of 10 islands with no resident, and Koh Lipe is an exception.

Why Sunrise Beach?

Sunrise beach stretches along the east of Koh Lipe Island. On clear days, you can see the islands of Koh Tarutao and Langkawi in Malaysia. It is a great experience for you to come here and take a diving trip around Koh Kra and Koh USEN on the right side of Sunrise Beach. The north coast facing Koh Adang has a seasonally floating sandbank. In the low seasons, it faces Koh Tarutao, but in the high season, the change of wind and water causes it to rise in the opposite direction. It is a very interesting and beautiful place.

Sunset over boats docked in the water in Koh Lipe, Thailand.

In low season, Sunrise Beach is not subject to monsoon weather and usually has a pleasant breeze for most days in the high season. The majority of the population is also located here with a school, hospital, and Chao Ley village. There are also more choices of accommodation for tourists, compared to Pattaya Beach. Currently, there are still some cheap places near the beach. Certain luxury resorts have opened in the recent years for tourists who want to enjoy high-end service. There are also several small restaurants and shops nearby at Walking Street. There are not too many vehicles traveling near Sunrise beach. Most people prefer walking and enjoying the unforgettable moments. The beach is considered as an ideal place to admire the sunrise, as it name is. According to the experience of Many tourists, the beach is a wonderful choice for holiday or honeymoon. Among many other beaches, Sunrise is really a highlight.  

The Perfect Time to Visit

The weekend is the busiest time for Koh Lipe as the tourists from Thailand and Malaysia usually come to the island after working during the week. If you want to get here in the weekend, you should book the hotels early. The high season is often from October to May of the following year. The highest time is from mid-December to late-February. In this period, if you don’t set up a plan, you will have very hard time.

Huts on a beach with trees in Koh Lipe Thailand.

The low season is from May to October with fewer tourists. If you travel at this time, it is not difficult for you to find a truly relaxing beach, especially when hotels run the discount.

What You Need to Know About the Island


There are plenty of hotels with different price ranges on Koh Lipe Island, so you will not have to worry too much about how to find the most suitable accommodation for your vacation. From my personal experience, some examples which could be good suggestions are:

  • Cheap hotels: Gecko Lipe Resort (500 Baht/room), Bayview Sunset Resort (1000 Baht/room), Zanom Sunrise Beach Resort (1000 Baht/room), Gipsy 2 Bungalows (900 Baht/room).
  • Average standard hotels: The Reef (1.300 Baht/room), Lipe Inn (1.750 Baht/room), San Pita Resort (3.000 Baht/room).
  • Luxury hotels: Sawan Resort (7.200 Baht/room), Bundhaya Villas (3.900 Baht/room), Sita Beach Resort (4.650 Baht/room), The Cliff Sunset Beach Resort (7.200 Baht/room).

The way for you to book the hotels is very easy. You only need to access a booking website, such as Agoda or then type the name of the hotel that you want to find the information about. The websites will show the price and more detail about the accommodations for you to refer to.


The beauty of Sunrise beach or Koh Lipe Island might not be perfect without cuisine. Here are many restaurants in many categories such as:

  • Western restaurants: Aroy Mexican restaurant, La Luna restaurant, Oh My God restaurant (OMG), Limoncello restaurant, etc. These restaurants are located on the island’s walking street.
  • Thai Restaurant: King Crab Restaurant, Sunrise Beach Restaurant, Anda Restaurant.
  • Bars: Rainforest The Gallery Bar, Barasingha, Happy Vibe Bar, Mellow Mango, Peace and Love Bar

Besides the restaurants, you can also enjoy the street food, which has been making the unique feature of not only Koh Lipe but also many other places in Thailand.

About the Author

My name is Jim, writer at Asia Marvels. I love traveling around Asia and share my stories & travel guidelines to my readers. I want people from all over the world to see the beauty of the landscape, people, and culture of Asia.

About Jim Liang

My name is Jim, writer at Asia Marvels. I love traveling around Asia and share my stories & travel guidelines to my readers. I want people from all over the world to see the beauty of the landscape, people, and culture of Asia.