Enjoying Luxury & Relaxation While Staying In Silicon Valley

Sometimes you just need to get away. It doesn’t necessarily need to be far, but you do need to find a perfect place. This is when staying in Silicon Valley becomes the chance to explore more of the Bay Area and get in a little relaxing.

Sometimes you also need a little splurge to enjoy a luxurious stay. Whether you’re looking for fine dining in house, amazing amenities and facilities, a room that makes you feel like home or more, you’ll find it at The Clement Hotel in Palo Alto.

My weekend at The Clement was exactly what I needed. Spoiling myself (and my pup) with some delicious food, amazing services, and more!

The living room at the Clement Hotel in Palo Alto.

Note: Thank you to The Abbey House Inn for hosting my trip to the area. As always, all opinions remain my own.

Suites That Make You Feel Right At Home

As soon as I walked into The Clement Hotel I felt entirely at home. Maybe that is because all the staff knows your (and your pups) name. Maybe it’s because you walk into a suite that feels like a luxury apartment.

On top of that, the hotel is an all-inclusive, we’ll get into some more details on why that’s amazing below but the ease of having whatever you need at your fingertips lets you lay back a bit.

Either way, it was easy to start relaxing as soon as you arrive on the property. You can tell Sirius didn’t have any trouble relaxing.

Staying in Silicon Valley at the Clement Hotel guest room.

On top of that, being able to bring your dog along makes you feel right at home. I love that having and traveling with my dog doesn’t limit me from staying in a little luxury. Honestly, the fancier the hotel the better they treat my pup!

If you’re heading to the area for work and you’re looking for a place to stay for a week or so The Clement Hotel is ideal. You’ll find the ease of a hotel with the luxury, the all-inclusive food, and more. But at the same time you’ll still have work space, a separate bedroom, and space to spread out.

A San Francisco treat eating an It's-It ice cream sandwich in bed.

Every Amenity You Could Want

One of the few times I can truly relax is when I know I don’t have to worry about anything. That’s exactly how I felt when I was staying at The Clement Hotelin Palo Alto.

In the room they had all those quirky things you need when you travel. A bed for you dog and raised bowls for him. A yoga mat for me to squeeze in a work out.

They also send you a survey asking you what you’d like in your room. I arrive to a plate of fruit and nuts and a chilled bottle of champagne.

Breakfast in bed with golf on the tv.

After your arrival, the amenities continue to expand. Breakfast in bed? You got it! There is also a kitchen open 24 hours for you to grab any treat you want. You might not always have the chance to enjoy their meals but you’ll still be able to grab a quick bite, a cappuccino, or whatever you might need.

The Kitchen at the Clement Hotel.

A Foodies Perfect Spot

To be honest, most of my all-inclusive stays so far have been convenient but far from delicious. This was the exactly opposite at The Clement Hotel.

From breakfast to dinner to dessert I was blown away. Each meal was filled with flavor and there was a wide variety of choices.

When I arrived I made my way up to the rooftop pool and ordered the poke nachos and a glass of wine. What felt like only a few minutes later, my meal arrived and I enjoyed this delicious meal right in the spa.

While you can get food anywhere on the property from the rooftop to your room to the living room. You’ll also want to pop down to the dining room to enjoy their lovely service.

You don’t have to hesitate to explore the menu since it’s all included. One of my favorite ways to eat is to get a chance to try a little bit of everything.

At The Clement I had a dinner where I enjoyed the gnocchi as an appetizer, a perfectly cooked steak, dessert, and tried was able to try a few of the wines on their exceptional list.

Relaxation on the Rooftop

If your room and the living room downstairs are what you’re in the mood for then you’ll want to head up to the rooftop of The Clement.

You can hop into the pool, relax on a lounge chair, sit by a fire pit, or hop in the spot.

The rooftop spa at the Clement Hotel.

I made it to the rooftop just about every time of the day. I popped up for an afternoon dip and snack. I headed up there with my coffee in the morning for a visit to the spa.

Then I made my way back up to relax in one of the cabanas with a good book and a glass of wine.

Relaxing on the rooftop at the Clement Hotel in Silicon Valley.

Launch off and Explore Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, and Beyond

While The Clement gives you a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t bother to leave the property there are still many places worth exploring right in the area.

You might want to take a quick walk, within a short distance you can hit a few different shopping locations, some of my favorite casual Northern California restaurants like Gott’s Roadside and Oren’s Hummus.

Gotts Roadside in Palo Alto.

You’ll also find a chance to explore the campus of Stanford University as it is right across the street. You may or may not be a Stanford fan (Fight On!) but you can’t deny the campus is gorgeous.

We took a beautiful walk through the redwood trees and athletic facilities right at sunset. It was a perfect place to relax a bit and wear out the pup a bit.

Sunset at Stanford University.

On top of enjoying Palo Alto itself from The Clement you can easily launch off to explore the Silicon Valley, the Bay Area, and Northern California. Whether you’re taking a trip up to San Francisco, out to the coast on Santa Cruz, or taking meetings in San Jose, you’ll enjoy having the luxury of The Clement Hotel to come home to.

Where You Should be Staying in Silicon Valley

One of the great things about staying in the Silicon Valley is how many things to explore. Whether you’re visiting for work, you’re visiting Stanford’s campus, or you’re on vacation you won’t be short of an adventure.

You can head up and explore all the things to do in San Francisco, heading to the coast in Half Moon Bay or Santa Cruz, or taking in a football game at Stanford. Whatever you’re up to, I highly recommend splurging for a luxurious stay at The Clement Hotel.

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