Tasty Places to Eat in Reno

While your initial thoughts about Reno might just be about casinos and divorce, on a recent visit I was pleasantly surprised to find the city had much more to offer. And one of the best parts was all the delicious places to eat in Reno.

From Downtown to outskirts you’ll find tasty bites of just about type of cuisine you can find. You’ll want to stay a couple of days and split a couple of meals to have a chance to explore as much as you can.

Large BELIEVE sign in Dowtown Reno.

Exploring The Variety of Bites of Downtown

As my friend is new to town, we knew there was so much to explore that she’d never heard of. So we did one of my favorite things to get to know a town. We took a food tour.

One afternoon we were met in downtown by Reno Food Tours for a chance to explore some of the best spots to eat in Reno.

Not only did we walk away absolutely stuffed with delicious food but we learned a lot about the development of both the food scene in Reno and the history of the city itself.

Our first spot was Wild Garlic Pizza. You’ve already won me over by having garlic in your name and we walked away thoroughly impressed.

You’ll find tasty combinations of pizza including both white and red sauces with a twist on classics. The crust is also a delicious garlic bread that you can snap right off to enjoy and dip in the local honey they have on the table.

Pizza in Reno from Wild Garlic Pizza.

One-stop on the tour was particularly unique, Liberty Food & Wine Exchange. While it initially looks like a solid foodie destination, you’ll quickly learn it’s even more than that.

While the food is good all around you have to try their charcuterie board since along with being a top-notch restaurant, they are also a USDA certified butcher shop and all the meat you try has been cured right on site.

A charcuterie plate with meats and cheese.

Plus, if you do the tour, you might even have the chance to be shown around by downstairs in the kitchen by the chef.

What you might not expect to find in the Nevada Museum of Art is a stunning restaurant but that is exactly where you’ll find Chez Louie.

This elevated restaurant feels more like fine dining then standard museum fair and will make you want to spend a little while enjoying the delicious food along with the art.

The meal we had the chance to try was not just delicious, it was also absolutely beautiful.

Fancy looking colorful crepe from Chez Louie in Reno.

Visit the Public Markets

Our tour with Reno Food Tours also showed us a few of the public markets in Reno which highlight some delicious local vendors.

First, we explored the West Street Market. Where it doesn’t matter whether you’re pop in for Local Folk Kombucha at DeLuxe or grabbing a slice of sourdough pizza from the Pizza Collective you’ll want to pop into this market for a bit.

Local kombucha made in Reno.

Later on, we visited The Basement is housed in a beautiful old building just south of the river. Here you’ll find Sugar Love Chocolates, the perfect spot to satisfy that sweet tooth. Or pop by Seven Troughs Distillery for a prohibition-style cocktail with local ingredients.

Cute chocolate truffles.

Enjoy A Relaxing Dinner Out in Reno

One of my favorite ways to spend a night out is enjoying a wine bar that also offers a delicious food menu. You’ll find this at Whispering Vine Reno. One of my favorite places to eat in Reno.

Order a flight of wine and a few of their small plates to share. Their lobster roll and short rib tacos were a hit at our table, along with their burgers.

Delicious lobster roll and tacos in the background.

Our enjoy one of the best things about Reno, their beautiful river, and grab a bite overlooking the water. We had a chance to check out Smees Alaskan Fish Bar just a few days after it opened.

The bites were tasting and being able to grab a seat overlooking the river was just perfect.

Oysters with toppings on ice.

Finding A Delicious Breakfast

Another one of my favorite things about eating in Reno is the quality of breakfasts around town. This city definitely likes a good meal in the morning.

You’ll find a few Pegs Glorified Ham n Eggs around town that are perfect for a delicious diner breakfast. Just make sure you go hungry, and maybe even plan on skipping lunch since you will be stuffed when you walk out those doors.

Breakfast skillet plate with a burrito beans, salsa, hash browns, and more.

If you’re looking for a tasty coffee shop with a full menu you’ll want to swing by Walden’s Coffee House. On a nice day, you’ll find their patio filled with folks relaxing and enjoying their bites. Their breakfast burrito was exactly what I needed on a morning I was moving a little slow.

Before heading back home we stopped at Stone House Cafe for a relaxing breakfast outside. In an old quirky house with a lovely patio outside you’ll find friendly staff and tasty food. My breakfast of stuffed pepper and eggs was exactly what I needed before my drive home.

Mexican style breakfast plate.

Explore All That Foodies Have to Eat in Reno

Whether you’re looking to start your day out with a delicious bite or ending it in a beautiful setting, you’ll be able to find the perfect spot to eat in Reno.

So next time you’re in the area or planning a trip remember that Reno is a perfect city for us foodies to explore.

Plus you’ll find more things to do in Reno than just eat and it’s just down the road from Lake Tahoe which is one of my favorite places to spend a long weekend.

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