My Favorite Wines For Warm Weather That Won’t Break The Bank

Do your favorite wines change along with the seasons? I’ve never really known why but I’m one of those people’s whose tastes always change with the season. If it’s hot out I want a refreshing salad, in the winter months, give me that comfort food. This is just as true for wine or anything else. And even more so with the fact that I live in a city that regularly breaks 100 degrees in the summer.

So now that we’ve kicked off summer I wanted to share a few of my favorite wines that I’m stocking the fridge with this warm season. You’ll find me heavy on the white and the roses but I’ll still include a couple light reds that I’ll start to crave as the summer goes on.

Enjoying a Crisp Rose

Parrish Estate Rose


Rose and white Parrish wine as a favorite wine in the summer.

I pay close attention to the grapes in a Rose since they make all the difference. The Parrish Estate Rose is made from Grenache which you won’t find around too often and it makes a light refreshing floral wine. It’s nice and dry with a smooth flavor to it. I enjoyed every sip on a hot day.  Another good find under $20.

Chandon Sparkling Rose

You’ve always gotta have some bubbles on the list. And Chandon’s Sparkling Rose is one of my favorites. You get a unique flavor from your typical sparkling wine. It’s a great way to celebrate during the summer or for any time you feel like getting a little fancy without actually breaking the bank.  Watch for deals in the store for these bottles to drop closer to $15 but you can almost always find them under $20.

Pomelo Rose

Mason Cellars, Grenache & Syrah

Pomelo rose wine bottle with glass as a favorite wine in the summer.

A nice blend of grapes makes up the Pomelo Rose which I was thrilled to start finding in my local grocery store. I’ve loved their Sauvignon Blanc for years and this Rose and just as good of a treat. This is also one of my favorite wines for its cost at under $15.

Some Refreshing Whites

Robert Hall Viognier


It’s always a treat to find new go-to wineries and over this last year, Robert Hall has become one of them, as you’ll see a few on this list.  Their Viognier might even top that list. I’ve often heard it called the red wine drinkers white, which might be why I enjoy it so very much in the summer. You still get a rich flavor without the heaviness that comes in a red. Making a great deal for under $20.

Stolo Gewurztraminer

Stolo white wine next to a glass and tulips as a favorite wine in the summer.

Now don’t be afraid, this is in not a sweet wine. And if you’re skipping trying a Gewurztraminer because you think they are all sweet you’re really missing out. Stolo is a great example of the dry ones you’ll find along the California Coast. It’s filled with light fruity flavors without the sugary sweet. A perfect wine for sipping beside the pool this summer. You can find a bottle for around $25.

Bogle Sauvignon Blanc

Much of the wine I drink all year comes from Bogle. I’m spoiled to live about 20 minutes away. Thankfully a few of my favorites are available around the world and their Sauvignon Blanc is one of them. I’ve always got one chilled in the summer to cook (and drink) with or to share with friends who stop by. You should be able to find it for under $10 or plan a trip out to the winery in Clarksburg for an even better deal.

Plus, A Few Soothing Reds

OTWC Pinot Noir

Glass of red wine with bottle and wine screw and cork as a favorite wine in the summer.

In the summer my Pinot Noirs of choice start moving further north. As you head up to Oregon you find a softer grape that makes for an ideal summer wine. OTWC does this perfectly with their Pinot Noir. You’ll get a perfect kick of spice while still enjoying the lighter side of the varietal making it one of my favorite wines in the summer. Keep an eye out for this one as you can enjoy a delicious red for around $20.

Michael David Cinsault

While a Pinot Noir is often my favorite light red wine, something you’ll want to change it up. That is where a varietal you don’t see much of comes into play, the Cinsault. And Michael David does a brilliant job at it. You’ll find this Rhone varietal to have a smooth soft flavor that’s perfect for a hot day. At $25 a bottle, I still find this one a steal for its quality.

Robert Hall Cabernet Sauvignon

Bottle of red wine next to glass of wine and candle as a favorite wine in the summer.

This wine has not just become a favorite while at home but also while out. Since I first had it earlier this year I’ve found it on so many different wine lists and it’s the perfect wine to make just about everyone at your table happy.  It’s a silky soft wine that makes it feel light enough for summer yet you still get a nice oaky flavor. You can find it for around $20 (or a little more in a restaurant).

Pacific Crest Cabernet Sauvignon

Cute cork of red wine bottle as a favorite wine in the summer.

I know,  Cabernet Sauvignon might not be what you think of when you’re talking about favorite wines for the summer, but sometimes you still need a solid red. You might have that friend over who wants one no matter what the temp or you might be looking for that perfect bottle to go with a grilled steak. If you do, keep an eye out for the Pacific Crest Cabernet Sauvignon. It balances being rich without getting too heavy to still enjoy in the summer. The best part is that you can pick up a bottle for around $20.

A Balance of Refreshing & Flavorful in My Favorite Wines for Spring & Summer

Just because the heat has hit, doesn’t mean you want to give up delicious flavors in your wine. Thankfully there are so many great options that balance the two. So take a trip to the store or your local winery and grab a bottle or two to enjoy as we make it through these warm months.

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