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One of the things I’ve worked on since starting this blog has been my photography. It’s still improving but one big purchase I made in my first year as a blogger was a mirrorless camera and this year I bought an additional lens to go along with it. This has been a great gain as not just a blogger but also a traveler. The problem I’ve run into with this new equipment is carrying it with me. This lead to a search for the ideal camera bag for travelers.

Whether it’s a day trip, a weekend away or two weeks abroad I need different things out of my camera bag. I might carry it on me, or I might just want it to fit in my suitcase. Especially, once I purchased the additional lens, finding a quality camera bag that wasn’t an entirely new thing to carry in itself seemed impossible. Thankfully, I stumbled across Tenba’s BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) convertible camera bag. A unique approach to a camera bag for travelers for whom what we carry isn’t one-size fits all.

I’ve dragged Tenba’s bag across the globe and back, as well as just running a day trip into wine country and it makes the perfect fit. Learn more about why I’ve fallen in love with this bag and head down to the bottom of the post for your chance to win your own.

Note: Thank you to Tenba for providing me with a Tenba BYOB camera bag to test out as well as providing one to our winner. As always, all opinions remain my own.

A Perfect Camera Bag for Travelers

While there may be patterns, each trip I take is a little different. I’m carrying different day bags depending on my activities whether it’s a cross-body, a backpack, a tote or a different type of purse. I also switch from my Briggs Riley Carry-on (that’s another bag I love) to a 40 Liter travel backpack, or even my old school Speedo swimmers bag, for my overnight trips depending on the itinerary. The last thing I wanted to do was lock myself into one way to carry my camera and gear.The best camera bag for travelers. A convertible bag for your photography equipment for the traveler on the go.

When I stumbled across Tenba’s BYOB approach to camera bags it caught my eye immediately. I wanted a sturdy but small bag. I wanted to be able to fit it in most all of my bags or have it easy to carry with my wristlet. That is exactly what the Tenba BYOB does. You’ll be able to travel in your own style and keep your equipment safe.

Even at home, the BYOB is the perfect way to store my gear, it easily slips into a drawer and keeps everything organized.

Carrying Your Gear While Traveling Light

The last thing I wanted to do was add a third bag I had to carry when I travel, or alternatively, if it became my day bag have to always have my camera gear on me. The Tenba BYOB camera bag solves both these problems.

I can fit it comfortably into my carry-on suitcase or my day bag so there is no reason why to add another piece of luggage. And if I’m heading out to a quick dinner or somewhere I know it won’t matter if I’m just using my phone to take photos I can leave it in the room when I don’t need it, without my gear getting all over the place.The best camera bag for travelers. A convertible bag for your photography equipment for the traveler on the go.

The lighter I travel the better trips I have and this is one accessory that helps me stay on top of minimizing.

Fits In Your Own Bags & Luggage

There are many good camera bags on the market that will keep your cameras secure and even be easy to travel with. What really makes Tenba BYOB unique is that you get to continue to use your existing bags, like my favorite tote.The best camera bag for travelers. A convertible bag for your photography equipment for the traveler on the go.

The bag fits into my carry-on when it’s not expanded and only takes up the space of a pair of high-heels. The smooth shape makes it easy to slide in and out of my totes and backpacks as well.

I would much rather be able to easily slip my camera gear into my carry-on during transit and then slide in into my tote when I head out on my adventure. I like how my bags look better than most camera bags out there and I find them more useful for all the other things I need when I travel. The BYOB bags really brings the best of both worlds.

Crossbody Adaptable Bag

When you’re using Tenba BYOB you might not want to slip it in an existing bag and for those moments they have the perfect option. If I’m mostly just going to use my wristlet for a getaway or my tiny cross-body I might want a bigger bag for my day trips. Or if it’s a short weekend I might use my tote to pack my clothes, instead of using it as a day bag.

This is when the Tenba Packlight Travel Bag, a crossbody outer bag for their BYOB case, becomes a great fit. It’s simple, rolls up into your luggage when you don’t need it but carries both the Tenba BYOB camera bag and most anything else you need. I can carry my phone, wallet or wristlet, a book, a water bottle and a few more items. This component steps up the versatility of the Tenba BYOB camera bag.The best camera bag for travelers. A convertible bag for your photography equipment for the traveler on the go.

Win Your Own Convertible Camera Bag for Travelers

If you’ve stepped up your photography game and are using more than just your phone you’ll understand the difficulty of carrying around all your equipment. It’s worth the effort but finding the right camera bag is necessary. The Tenba BYOB camera bag provides a high-quality bag, an easy way to travel light and unique versatility to match how you travel.

Now it’s your turn to give this ideal camera bag for travelers a try as I’ve partnered with Tenba to offer you a free BYOB camera bag. Use the form below to enter for your chance to win.

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