Mini-Post : Choosing Memories Over Things

This month BootsnAll is putting on the Indie Travel Challenge. They are all about encouraging others to get out and travel, which is right up my alley. So far it is giving me a chance to focus in on why travel is important to me and share that with other.

On top of that it’s giving me a reason why to write a little more each day. Some answers to their daily questions you’ll find on social media. Like the first question asked yesterday: Why you travel?

I #travel to explore beautiful places, taste amazing food, explore different cultures and meet new people. Why do you travel? #DoYouIndie

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Others will involve mini-posts like today’s question, where 140 characters is not enough to give the answer I’d like.

Choosing Memories Over Things

Today’s question focusesĀ on the importance of experiences over possessions.

I’ll start with I like things, especially nice things. My kitchen is full of amazing appliances and my house is filled with nicknacks. All of these are things I’ve wanted, but almost none of them are things I would regret losing.

On the other hand, my weekend trips, time with friends and family, and exploring new amazing places, even in just the past year, are things I’d never trade. My trip to Puerto Rico last year opened my eyes to a new world, showed me beautiful places, and, oh yes, involved amazing food.Where to stay, eat and explore in Puerto Rico. Tips on the best things to do and activities to try in Puerto Rico.

Over this year, I’ve tried to limit what I bought, adding very few things to my wardrobe and household. The fewer things I have the easier life has gotten.

I currently have about two-thirds of my wardrobe in the trunk of my car to be dropped off for donations. I’ve had these clothes in the garage for five months and didn’t miss anything. So now it’s time to give them away for a cause that can use them much more than myself.Donating bags of clothes in car trunk.

If you haven’t already, I’d encourage you to take a look at what is in your home and the items you think about purchasing. Are they things you want more than the next great adventure you can take, or an unforgettable memory with a friend? If not it might be time to clean out some of the clutter.

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