How To Be A Part-Time Traveler From The Experts Themselves

Over the past year, I hope you’ve been inspired to become a part-time traveler and recognized that travel isn’t just for nomads. This last year I took 23 overnight trips, this year I’ve got two international trips on the books and many smaller ones in the works.

One thing I’ve learned over the course of this last year as a travel blogger is there are so many of us out there working traditional 9 to 5 jobs but trying to be as much of a traveler as we can. Whether it’s day trips or weeks away they are all ways to make travel a part of your life.

The best thing to do in the bay area. Go sailing on the San Francisco Bay. A bucket list item, sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge.

One of my favorite adventures last year was even just a day trip. Sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge.

To help you get the year started off with as much travel as possible I’ve rounded up tips from a variety of part-time travelers.

How To Travel More From the Experts

Lance and Laura, Travel Addicts

Let someone else pay. Our tip for new travelers is to let someone else pay for your vacations – namely your employer! The best approach is to extend business trips and turn them into vacations. If you do this, you can get your company to pay for your airfare, which is usually your largest expense, but then the rest of the trip is on you. Since your employer would be giving you the time off to travel anyway, you are also saving your limited vacation days too! You can save a lot of money – and vacation time – by employing this strategy.

Matilda, The Travel Sisters

Use all of your vacation time. I have traveled to over 40 countries and all 7 continents while keeping a full-time job. How did I manage this? The simple answer is I use ALL vacation time allotted to me. Unlike many of my friends and co-workers, not even one vacation day is left unused. Of course, I also squeeze in a few extra vacation days by taking advantage of weekends, especially three day weekends. As much as I enjoy travel, I also enjoy spending time with loved ones. Instead of choosing one or the other, I try to plan some trips with family as well.

Chris, One Weird Globe

Plan routes ahead. My biggest tip is to create your routes ahead of time. Avoid double-backing on yourself (unless it can’t be helped), and know when places open. If you’re taking public transportation that comes less frequently, know when it arrives and plan to meet it, even if it means spending a few minutes less at the museum.

Liz, Lizzie Meets World

Go on little holidays. No matter how tough the work week may get, there’s always the weekend to look forward to. Travel doesn’t always have to be grand – it can be as simple as a weekend trip to the countryside, or even an afternoon exploring a different part of the city. Don’t let the pressure and demands of work hinder you from having a little fun. Come back to work refreshed and with a clearer mind, ready to give your best work yet.

Part-time traveler, Vail Colorado, Ski Resort, Fall Colors

If you’re traveling with family or for weddings make the most of the trip. I explored Vail, Colorado last year.

Lauren, #LJOJLO

Get into teaching. Many people out there don’t believe teaching is a full-time job, unfortunately for me it still is but it has its perks. These perks are the holidays. During this time we are still marking, drafting etc but we don’t have to be on the work site and hence I travel. I bring the necessities with me and endeavor to get them done whenever I am on a plane, train or bus. That way I still get to experience the beauty of travel. Therefore, if you are a travel nut like myself get into teaching because the holidays allow you to jet set off for extended periods of time.

Eileen, Crooked Flight

Move somewhere that makes it easier to travel. This might be a little extreme, but this year my husband and I decided to move to London for a few years so we could travel more. Not only does it put us much closer to a lot of destinations on our list, they also offer much more vacation time to traditional office workers compared to the U.S. The standard is six weeks off plus additional bank holidays. And even more crazy, people are encouraged to actually take time off, so we’ve been able to take more trips together!

Amber, The World Beneath My Feet

Take advantage of holidays. I’m a part-time student and work full time, so I understand how difficult it can be to travel with a nine to five job. I’ve learned to take advantage of the major holidays. My job is closed for at least one day (if not more) for major holidays. If I have to take those days off why not use them to travel? I spent Labor Day this year in Peru, visiting Machu Picchu, and this upcoming Easter I will be in Prague and Budapest!

The perfect beach weekend getaway in San Diego to La Jolla Shores. Relax, eat, explore and repeat. Where to stay and what to do.

Who doesn’t want another weekend getaway to the beach?

Kamila, My Wanderlust

Don’t be afraid to work extra hours! Talk to your boss, explain the situation and arrange that you can work more when it’s needed but in exchange ask for extra days off. Sometimes it’s exhausting but so worth it! I work full time yet I managed to spend 124 days traveling this year and over hours were the main reason how I could do that! And when your boss sees you working with such a dedication you might get some benefits. It’s a win-win situation!

Rishabh & Nirali, Gypsy Couple

Take advantage of the off-season. We’ve found that everyone is as smart as us while planning vacations and as it is long weekends and vacations are bad times to plan trips. Too many tourists, hiked rates and no leaves might be some of the reasons to reconsider. Instead, plan for “off seasons”, chances are for most places it just means taking a few extra leaves to use a middle of the week holiday but also translates to cheaper stays and having the whole place to yourself.

Tips on how to travel more while being a full-time professional. How to travel even though you have a 9 to 5 job. Tips from part-time travel experts.Making Travel A Priority 

There are so many opportunities to travel whether you work a traditional 9 to 5, shift work, a teaching schedule or anything else. Take time to work on integrating these tips into your practices and you can make travel a priority in your own life, becoming another part-time traveler on the road with the rest of us.

Do you consider yourself a part-time traveler? What are your favorite tips to use to fit more travel into your life? Leave a comment below. 

About Megan

Megan MacNee is the founder of Traveling Nine to Fiver. From nine to five she works in the political world in California, but on evening and weekends spends time exploring the West Coast and more. All while encouraging others to join in on the adventures.

  • Yes, yes, and yes! Great post with some really inspiring advice! As someone with a penchant for exploring, I’ve been happy to get into teaching (tons of breaks!) even if it’s not my total passion. Well worth the huge amounts of time off!

    • I’ve definitely toyed with the idea. Glad it’s allowing you to fit in all your travel.

  • Amazing tips from everyone! 🙂 This is truly inspiring and informative at the same time. I picked up a lot of new tips, my favorite being: “let someone else pay.” Thank you! 🙂

  • I love the idea of extending business trips – even an extra day tacked on to the end of a trip can really go a long way in terms of fitting in a lot of sightseeing.

    • I always try to make mine bump up to the weekend if I can help it. Then I can stick around on my own dime without taking extra time off even.

  • Even though I no longer have a full-time job, I still like to take mini-trips, extended weekends, and even day-trips to maximize my travels while minimizing my financial outlay. These are all good tips. Thanks!

    • They are a great way to explore your local area no matter what your work schedule is.

  • All good tips here – I can’t think of anything to add. Except, to make everybody jealous: move to a country which offers long service leave or sabbatical years off.

  • 40 countries and 90 cities in 4 years…all while working a 9-5 job. I agree with Matilda; use ALL your time off and use it wisely!

  • Himanshu Barsainya

    I really appreciate your efforts in compiling these great and practical ways to have the best part time traveling.
    I would love to explore some of these suggestions and implememt them. Thanks.

    • Good luck! Hope you get to fit in even more travel.

  • Lesley

    Great tips! I also squeeze in a few extra vacation days by taking advantage of weekends, especially three day weekends. And I was a teacher for 8 years so I could utilize summer and holiday vacations as well as teaching in different countries.

    • Awesome! Teaching in different countries is definitely a great way to travel.

  • It’s great to see all these amazing tips from travelers who are making the most out of their jobs! 😀 Kudos to everyone for making it possible. As for me, office work just really didn’t fit me so I went through the ‘quit job and work freelance’ path, and i don’t regret it. I bet these people are also very contented with where they are. We all have our own preferences. Woohoo!

    • Totally! Nomad, flexible work schedule or nine to fiver. Whatever you calling takes you to you can still make travel work!

  • Karla Ramos

    These are really great tips for every fellow travelers out there. Love reading all of them. Thanks for the share.

  • Melody Pittman

    Great suggestions. Back when I had a real job for 20 years, I got 12 1/2 paid holidays and 7 weeks vacation/paid time off, which I used all for travel and then ended up taking 1-2 weeks without pay at the end of the year. 😉

    • Okay, if they gave me 7 weeks off it would make this all so much easier. Sadly in the US I’m at the common 2 weeks. Boo!

  • Yep, that;s right, like with everything else, if you want to travel more, just make it a priority!

    • It might not be easy to start but once you do it’s so worth it.

  • Travel Lushes

    Totally agree! I’m going on a business trip to NYC tomorrow and I extended the trip!

    • Hope you’re having a blast and staying warm!

  • Definitely leverage the long weekends, but don’t forget about nearby spots that others are traveling across the globe to see. Here in New England, I sometimes forget about that. Road / train trips can be just as fun (and I think it beats the ‘flying by coach’ experience )

  • Devansh Desai

    I love all the tips & tricks. We are also a part time traveller. We recently started out our blog at We normally prefer the off season destinations on long public holidays.