Highlight: The Best Things To Do Lists

Best Things to Do in Austin Texas. Including the best things to eat, explore and listen to music!Did you know that one aspect of Traveling Nine to Fiver is not just regular blog posts but also “To Do” lists for some of my favorite cities?

I don’t know about you but when I am heading somewhere, whether for work or pleasure, one of the first things I do is type into Google: “Things to do in BLANK”. And other than Yelp and Trip Advisor you normally don’t find much. Pinterest is a better resource for these now but often these lists are still lacking in information.

These “To Do” lists are my attempt to fill this void and help other travelers find some great spots that might not pop up on your average tourist list. Over time, I will continue to update each list and add more. Each of these places I recommend I’ve visited and enjoyed. As I explore even better places I will add those as well.

Today, I am launching two new “To Do” lists in Northern California: Monterey and Sacramento. Both of these places it was hard to not go into too much detail and I will hopefully keep them from getting too long but want to give you all many options to explore.

Older lists include Austin, Texas; Manhattan Beach; Puerto Rico; Portland and San Francisco. Make sure to check them out and come back and take a look when you’re planning a new trip.

Of course, any advice or feedback is welcome, even requests for which cities I should add next.

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Megan MacNee is the founder of Traveling Nine to Fiver. From nine to five she works in the non-profit world in California. She focuses on exploring the world from her own backyard to across the globe. You'll find her sharing about explorations through food, books, travel, and more.