Gift Guide For Travelers – From Stocking Stuffers to Something Special

It’s that time of year again. When you realize that the holidays are approaching quickly and it’s time to think about your loved ones that you’ll be getting gifts for. If any of them are travelers there’s a variety of unique things that will help them along their travels and make them smile when they are found under the tree. For this, we have a gift guide for travelers to get you started.

For some of our favorite type of travelers here are a few ideas for everything from stocking stuffers to something special in this gift guide for travelers.

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Gifts for the Traveling Woman

Silhouette of a woman on lake standing on a paddle board.

A Stocking Stuffer – Jewelry of their Favorite Place

Two of my favorite pieces of jewelry at tied to places I love. I have a beautiful bracelet with Bali’s coordinates on it and also a necklace of my home of California. A piece of jewelry with your favorites lady’s favorite place will be a keepsake she won’t forget.

For Under the Tree – The Perfect Travel Tote

I so often hear from women about how they can’t stand their travel tote or where did I get mine that smoothly slides over my carry-on. Having a bag with the perfect amount of pockets that’s easy to carry is a must! Here’s my go-to bag.

If You Want Something Special – An Insta Camera

Whether it’s for when you’re visiting with friends or sharing a snapshot with people you meet when you travel these nifty cameras combine our love for Instagram today and the fun of the old school Polaroid cameras.

For the Traveling Man

Man on top of a mountain taking a photo.

A Stocking Stuffer – Beard or Grooming Kit

Who doesn’t want their favorite toiletries in travel size? But most of us don’t bother to buy them. Finding a fancy grooming kit will be a perfect treat for your traveling man.

For Under the Tree – A Solid Travel Bag

Women aren’t the only ones who need good bags. Find your guy a stylish bag that fits his personality. I’m a fan of the Herschel duffle bags, especially for short trips.

If You Want Something Special – Bose Headphones

One of my favorite things I own as a traveler is my Bose QuietComfort Wireless Headphones. They are a splurge worth it and your traveling that he will thank you for after his next flight with screaming babies on it.

Gifts for the Frequent Traveler

Planes at airport.

A Stocking Stuffer – The Perfect Travel Adapter

If you’ve got a frequent international traveler on your list a top-notch adapter is a must. One that works in multiple countries and will stay in the outlet well.

For Under the Tree – A Check for TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry 

Who doesn’t love skipping lines? Even the frequent traveler might not have already gotten TSA Pre-Check or they might not have upgraded to Global Entry. Give them a check and help them set up their appointment. It’s a gift that will benefit them for years.

If You Want Something Special – Tech-Friendly Luggage

The worst thing is trying to find an outlet when you’re waiting at the gate for your next flight. There is a great way around that if your suitcase includes a charger! This is the newest thing in luggage and will be loved by your frequent traveler.

For the Traveling Pet Lover

Man and woman curled up on coach with their dog (pug) pet and coffee.

A Stocking Stuffer – A Versatile Bowl

One of the basic needs for traveling with a pet is a good travel bowl. Consider upgrading theirs to one that can serve more than one purpose like these spill-proof locking bowls that can be used as storage as well as for when your pet needs a drink.

For Under the Tree – A Pup-Friendly Car Seat or Cover

If their road tripping with their pets they need something to give the pet a safe place to sit as well as keep their car from being covered with hair. Consider getting them a car seat or a car cover.

If You Want Something Special – A Pet Cube

Now technology can let the pet lover not only see their pet when they’re gone but interact with them. If the pet lover on your list misses their pet when they’re on the road they’ll love the Pet Cube.

Gifts for the Outdoor Traveler

Group of people with backpacks hiking on a trail towards a forest.

A Stocking Stuffer – Perfect Outdoor Socks

Whether it’s for hiking, camping, rock climbing or more, the perfect sock can make or break your outdoor activity. So your outdoor traveler will love some quality socks in their stocking.

For Under the Tree – REI Gift Cards

If you love being outdoors you know there is an endless wish list of equipment that comes with it no matter what activity you’re trying next. That’s why REI Gift Cards are a perfect way to make sure your outdoors traveler always has what they need.

If You Want Something Special – A Traveling Backpack

When you travel outdoors whether you’re staying a few different places on the trip, in cozy accommodations, or taking interesting transportation sometimes it’s easier to carry your stuff on your back. A high quality carry-on sized travel backpack is likely to make your outdoor traveler love their trips even more.

For the Bookworm Traveler

Woman reading a book on a deck over a pool.

A Stocking Stuffer – Fun Notebooks

Whether your reader likes writing themselves or keeping track or what their reading or what they see when they’re traveling a fun notebook is a great treat. Right now I’m using this great one from Kate Spade (it was a favorite gift from last year).

For Under the Tree – A Kindle Paperwhite

The ultimate trick for the traveling reader is the Kindle. It allows you to bring as many books as you want on any trip without all the weight. It can also save you money with easy library loans and tons of books under $5.

If You Want Something Special – Book of the Month Club

Many readers love it for the same reason they love to travel. Exploring a new place, person, or world. A great way to give that as a gift to a loved one is with Book of the Month Club (another favorite present I got last year). They get a new book each month and it allows them to find need reads they may never have explored otherwise.

And for the Foodie Traveler

Woman grabbing food off a plate with a fork.

A Stocking Stuffer – A Carry On Cocktail Kit

Start your traveler’s trip off right with an upgrade in their cocktail during their flight. For me, it’s the Moscow Mule but they might love the Old Fashioned.

For Under the Tree – Cheese of the Month Club

What foodie doesn’t want to explore the world through its cheeses? While they might not always be able to hit the road this monthly club will give them a chance to explore the world through cheese even when they’re stuck at home.

If You Want Something Special – A Unique Dining Experience

Take your foodie out somewhere special. This can be an upscale restaurant in town or a food tour on your next trip or even find that overlooked whole in the wall that’s better than anything else you can find.

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