Why You Should Get Involved In The Travel Community & How To Start

I’ve enjoyed traveling for a long time, both near and far, but it wasn’t until I dove into creating my own travel blog that I made an active decision to find like minded people who are a part of the travel community and get involved. This is one of the best things I’ve done and something that you do not need to be a travel writer to do.

I have a lot of friends who travel, and I am lucky for that, but in my everyday circles it’s not necessarily their primary interest. For me, it’s very much become that. That is where jumping into the travel community has allowed me to dive deeper into my passion, meet some amazing people and learn a lot.

There isn’t one way to get involved in this community and there are different pathways for travelers verse travel writers, but if travel is something that plays a primary role in  your life you should take the time to join the travel community.

Take a look at a few of the different ways I’ve gotten involved over the last year and a half that I’d recommend to anyone.

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As of writing this post I’ve been back from the Women In Travel Summit (WITS) put on by Wanderful for a total of twelve hours. I’ve come back inspired to travel, write and in myself. I had a chance to meet women who have been traveling the world for years, others who are just getting into it, those who are nomadic, and others, like me, who try to work travel around a full-time job. The conference was attended by over 400 women who love travel whether it’s their hobby, blog or career that makes it a focus. WITS 2017 will be held in the Spring in Milwaukee. If that’s easily in your reach it’s well worth the ticket price to go. Conferences like WITS are a great way to get involved in person with the travel community.Get involved with the travel community to learn more, get inspired and meet like-minded people.

Wanderful itself is an online community of over 10,000 women. With platforms to connect, meet up groups all over the world, and more; it is a way to engage with like-minded women at home and as you travel.

TRAVEL BLOG SUCCESS  (now owned by Super Star Blogging)

This one is for the travel writers, bloggers, vloggers and any aspiring ones out there. This community is based on the Travel Blog Success courses (now owned by Super Star Blogging) that take you from the start of how to build a successful travel blog. I talk more about why the course is of value in this post, but I wanted to highlight the community based around it. It is a group of talented and smart people working towards the same group as you, who want to talk about travel, about writing, and blogging. For me, there aren’t that many people in my life who really want to hear about my blogging as much as I want to talk about it (thank you, to those who put up with it anyways) but TBS has connected me with people online and now in a person who do. It’s been a community of value, helping me learn on this crazy adventure, but also finding people who I can connect with in a way I haven’t had before.


A great place to learn more about different travel destinations, listen to some of the top travel experts speak and even meet other avid travelers are the Travel & Adventure Shows. These are put on all across the United States and attended by hundreds. This year, the keynote speakers were Johnny Jet, Rick Steves, and Samantha Brown. All of which spoke beautifully about why they love travel and how you can bring more of it into your life.Get involved with the travel community to learn more, get inspired and meet like-minded people.

Travel Massive

This is another community that exists both online and in person all around the globe. Travel Massive brings together those who are passionate about travel and, often, work around it in one way or another. There are travel brands, destination staff, travel writers and so much more who engage in these groups.

There are chapters around the globe that meet on a regular basis. Some chapters are big and some are small but it is a great community to engage with others who share your passion in travel. In many, ways it’s a networking group but it is also an opportunity to just connect.

Get ConnecTed Online & Off

If you love to travel and are trying to make it an active part of your life finding other like-minded people is a must. It will make you feel encouraged, inspired, supported, excited and so much more. Having the people to talk about travel on the scale you love to is a must if you want to keep on being a full-time or part-time traveler.

While you’ll often find bloggers and writers in the travel community we are looking to connect just as much with other travelers who share our passion, that’s why most of us write in the first place. These communities both online and off, are all about sharing our stories and being inspired to make more.

Have you gotten involved in the travel community? If so what’s your favorite way to?

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