Five Travel Sites That Will Help You Save Money

Five Travel Sites That Will Help You Save Money - From airfare to hotels and things to do. Great travel websites and tips on how to save money on your travels. Whether we are booking a weeklong vacation, heading away for the weekend or even just looking for a day trip adventure there are a few sites I visit before I book anything. These sites can help you save money on your airfare, hotels and activities. Take a look and see which ones can help you save money on your next trip.

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Travel Zoo – Hotels and Activities

If you are looking for a discount on hotel rooms, a spa day or a food tour you can find a variety of options on Travel Zoo for most any destination. They have a blend of special offers on their site as well as gathering them from additional sources. Search by location or type of activity you are looking for. You can find an all inclusive vacation to Mexico or we went to a local music festival for half the cost. This can be a one-stop shop to save money on multiple aspects of your trip

Johnny Jet’s Daily Deals – A little of Everything

One of the top travel bloggers around is Johnny Jet and while his travel blog is a great reason why to stop by his site, one subscription you have to have is his daily deals. He highlights flight sales, hotel discounts, all inclusive deals and other activities across the globe. Whether you already have your eyes set on a destination or you are still trying to decide where to go Johnny Jet’s daily deal email will help you save money on your next trip and also give you a daily dose of wanderlust.

Travel Pony – Wholesale Hotel Rates

If you are looking for a good discount on hotels don’t forget to take a look at Travel Pony. They are a member-only site, but all you have to do is provide an email or login through Facebook. Once you do you get access to their discounted rates. Unlike other discount hotel sites they don’t charge you an “overhead” fee in the price. Instead of paying for advertising they are asking users to share the word via social media, growing their market but keeping the prices low for everyone. So far I have had great success getting dirt cheap rates for some budget hotels. Depending on the city they may have a lot or few options available but they continue to grow.

Airfare Watchdog – Flights

Looking to save money on your next flight? Not sure where to go but you want the best deals from your local airport? Airfare Watchdog is a great place to find out. This sight searches all the airlines, including Southwest, for the best deals. One of my favorite features is signing up for daily emails regarding specific routes. We are looking at going to Maui in the Fall, I’ve had an alert going for about six months and I’m learning the best times to book and how cheap of a flight you can find ($250 from San Francisco). Also, if you’re wanderlusting a bit it is a great site to pull up your airport and look to see where you can go at a certain price. Have $300 and want to know where you could go? Airfare Watchdog can show you.

Priceline Express Deals

I’ve had great luck with Priceline Express Deals and just booked another for a recent trip to Monterey. You can often save as much as $100 a night on a four-star room, and easily save $30-40. It might not be a huge amount of money, but it might allow you to splurge on dinner. I wrote last month on how to figure out which hotel you are book through Priceline Express Deals and to make sure you save money.

Where do you save money?

What sites do you use to save money when you are planning your next trip? I would love to know what resources you find most helpful and which ones I am missing.

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