Five Reasons Why You Should Take the Train

Here in the U.S. it is not our first instinct to chose the train as our Five reasons why you should take the train instead. It's all about the journey.mode of transportation. To be honest, I often don’t either. It can be the slower way to get somewhere, less direct and compared to driving at least costs more.

On the other hand, the few time I do take the train it is a memorable experience. It feels like a luxury, even if it’s just Amtrak. It is often a luxury of scenery and even more so a luxury of time. From the beautiful views to the time to yourself, it is a chance to take it all in

It’s all about the journey!

One thing we barely do anymore is slow down and just enjoy the journey. That is what a train is all about, not just transportation but a journey.

1) The Views

Five reasons why you should take the train instead. It's all about the journey.One thingĀ about taking the slow way is that you really get to see it. Sometimes on a flight you might get a quick view during take-off or landing, or if you’re the passenger in a car you can catch some views. On a train, you can have the best seat, sit on the upper level and you’ll be able to look over most barriers. You can see scenery from the oceans to the agriculture lands. Enjoying nature, our cities and all the space in between them is something we don’t slow down enough to do.

2) Less Stress

Commuting by rail is considered a much less stressful for of transportation. Did you know that driving can be considered one of the most stressful activities? A long daily commute is considered as stressful on your life as going through a divorce. Using rail or transit on the other hand you are able to give up some control, use your time for other things, and avoid dealing with traffic.

3) Read a Book

Being able to use your transit time for something you enjoy is one of the benefits that comes with taking the train. For me, that is often reading. I loved traveling around Europe on the trains since every week I’d have a handful of hours with nothing else to do but read. I got through so many books.

4) Time to Dig Deeper

For me, long trips are often a chance to really think. To get a little lost in you head or conversation. If you’re on your own they are a great time to self-reflect. On the other hand, if you are with a friend or significant other you might learn something new about each other.

5) More Views

Five reasons why you should take the train instead. It's all about the journey.Okay, I am a huge sucker for good scenery and it is a huge perk of many train rides. You might not realize it, but agriculture land or the desert can be some of the most beautiful places you can see.

Taking a train is much more than getting from one place to another. Recently, I’ve traveled the Capitol Corridor between Sacramento and San Francisco and the Surfliner from San Diego up into Orange County. Each gave me unique views and a chance to just enjoy the journey.

Are you a fan of taking the train? If so which routes have you taken recently and enjoyed?

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