Exploring the Coffee in Portland, Oregon

I had the chance to explore Portland while my brother studied there for a summer and one of the best parts was all the amazing coffee you can find in the town. I’ll be sure to fill you in on the whole trip and you can find my top to do’s here.

When it comes to coffee I should know while we are still considered in the “up and coming” stages, Sacramento is a local coffee town including one of the top six roasters in the country. So basically I’ve become spoiled and have high standards. That’s what made exploring the coffee in Portland so exciting. The only problem was by the end of the weekend I’d had so much that my body hated me a little.

By Matthew Oliphant

By Matthew Oliphant

My first stop was Courier Coffee Roasters, which was just a little spot, with not even much room to sit down and enjoy the coffee but perfect since I was planning on taking mine to go. I ordered a latte. This is my standard order; enjoyed the coffee with just enough steamed milk but no sweetening or flavor added. They did not disappoint, the coffee was rich but not too heavily roasted. I actually got to try an espresso too, since a tour group that stopped in had an extra. Courier ended up being my favorite coffee spot too!

By Jesse Millan

By Jesse Millan

Later that day I had to try one more, I walked passed a Stumptown Coffee Roasters and had to try it. I found their roast a little heavier than Courier but still a great latte. They also offered more of the café feel where you could sit down and enjoy a coffee.

Beyond the roasters themselves, Portland’s restaurants and cafés hold the same pride with their coffee, often carrying their local roasters and providing just as good of a drink. One of these was Fehrenbacher Hof. A small café with a pretty full food menu, a selection of coffees and teas all in a little house in the Goose Hollow neighborhood.

Here I enjoyed a great breakfast sandwich and latte while starting my day with a book on their patio.

Have you had a chance to explore Portland’s coffee? Or what town have you found the best coffee in? Share where you think we should explore next.

Also, if you want to explore the breweries check out my post on exploring them.

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