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Perth, Australia is one of those towns which has it all. It is blessed with a trifecta of prime coastline, astonishing riverfront and a rich wine culture which permeates every pore of the city. It’s nearer Melbourne then, let’s say Bali and it’s only two time zones away from the east coast of Australia. Perth has incredible natural beauty coupled with elegant street lines and historical facades. Not to mention the great outdoors.  Ideal for those looking for a long weekend away from the city. All making it worth taking the time to experience Perth.

Its 19 pristine beaches allow for some excellent surfing conditions throughout the year. Watching the sunset behind the warm Indian Ocean is only possible in Perth. You can take an extended weekend in this fast-growing world hub. Experience Perth allows you to take in an amazing 3,000 hours of the sunshine per year and makes tourists forget all about the stressful weeks they’ve had prior to coming. That said, here are some of the finest ways you can experience Perth in 72 hours and have the absolute time of your life.What you need to know to experience Perth, Australia in just three days. From where to stay to what to do.

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Where to stay when in Perth

Perth has really gone through some major changes over the last couple of years, none of which is more evident than Scarborough. Located just 30 minutes away from the airport, this long stretch of coastline is the prime location you can use as your home base. You can stay at the Rendezvous Scarborough, which has one the most breathtaking balcony views you could hope for and offers capacious rooms with king-sized beds you can use to unwind from a long day of exploring.

Where to eat around the city

One of the great ways to experience Perth is to take in its food scene. Showcasing a wine list which could easily trump even the best wineries, together with finger-licking seafood such as their famous Smoked Ocean Trout, Print Hall is a go-to location drenched in captivating history. If you are itching for some incredible Italian chicken tagliatelle then make sure you visit

If you are itching for some incredible Italian chicken tagliatelle then make sure you visit Lalla Rookh, a modern restaurant with an incredible story behind it. Swan Valley offers some extraordinary wine and chocolate pairing classes. You can learn to cook Chinese food with ease in Northbridge. Wandering Wok does amazing walking tours around Chinatown, guiding you through the local food and spice shops.


Places to experience in Perth

There is a variety of things to do when you are here to experience Perth. Only a short stroll from the city center, Kings Park is one of the biggest inner-city parks in the entire world. Easily trumping New York’s own Central Park. You can take a stroll through the park. Or grab a bike for a smooth ride along the cycling trails which explode with native wildflowers in the spring. Take a walk through the inner-city’s stylish streets and shop for some of the biggest brands in the fashion industry in the upmarket King Street.

Northbridge represents the entertainment enclave of Perth. You’ll find more than enough café-galleries, late-night bistros, and European-style sidewalk tables. If you want to unwind over a tall pint, make sure to visit Ezra Pound and The Birds. The locals swear by these two locales, and it’s easy to understand why once you experience their hospitality.

Located only 5 kilometers from the inner-city Perth, Subiaco is another trendy suburb ideal for art aficionados and coffee lovers alike. With over 200 boutiques, cafes and galleries to choose from, it’s easy for the entire day to slip by you without you even noticing. Subiaco, or Subi, if you wish to call it like the locals, hosts some of the most incredible music festivals and live performances you’ll ever experience, which is great news for musicians and live gig enthusiasts. What you need to know to experience Perth, Australia in just three days. From where to stay to what to do.

Where to relax in Perth

The port city of Fremantle is adored by many for its heavy bohemian beat with numerous street entertainers, food vendors, and local coffee shops. Be sure to visit the Cappuccino Strip, before getting lost in the famous Fremantle Market. It is housed in an old Victorian building and has over 150 stalls showcasing the freshest produce around. The ambiance provides an excellent deal of inspiration, as well as the platform for local artists.

The 50 kilometers of prime metropolitan coastline can only be described as breathtaking, with white sandy beaches permeating the surroundings. The most popular one is The Cott or Cottesloe beach, but that does not mean that the other beaches such as the City Beach, Floreat, Scarborough, Swanbourne should be underestimated. They offer a number of different activities ranging from beach hopping and surfing to grabbing a quick refreshment and enjoying the breeze and soaking up the rays.What you need to know to experience Perth, Australia in just three days. From where to stay to what to do.

If you wish for a relaxing ending to your magical journey, we strongly recommend you take the full advantage of hiring one of the services that offer airport transfers in Perth. For a small fee, you are taken directly from and to the airport while enjoying the local scenery. A professional airport transfer service can easily be booked online, which allows you to make proper arrangements before you actually arrive and saves a lot of time and resources in the process.

As the 72 hours spent in Perth slowly run out, you should give yourself one last relaxing treat by grabbing a patch of lush green grass and enjoying a late night movie with the locals in one of the many outdoors cinemas. If you happen to visit during the period between December and April, don’t miss the breathtaking sundown screenings which are available in Burswood and Kings park, as well as the University of WA. It is hands down one of the most beautiful things you can experience and tell all your friends about it once you return home.

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