Experience, Explore and Share

Welcome to the Traveling Nine to Fiver.

I don’t think I am alone when I started to feel that I was limiting what I could do in my life by having a 9 to 5 job. When I looked at how to solve this the problems became that I don’t want to pick up and travel the world and the career I want pretty much requires one.

Wedding EntrySo then the question came of how do I find a way to do both. Have the job but still experience and explore the world.

I’ve had a good life, I’ve had many amazing opportunities and experiences but I don’t always feel that when I am going through those moments that I am fully engrossed in them.

I want to absorb everything that is around me whether its a tasty dinner in my home town, a trip to a winery or a weekend on the coast. I want to take photos and I wanted to remember all the details. Even more I want to share these experiences and help others find them.

That is how Traveling Nine to Fiver was created. To help me better experience the world around me, to encourage me get out there to explore both near and far, and to share with you all how to live as a traveling nine to fiver.

So I hope you will stick around and enjoy as I post stories of weekend adventures, day trips, exploring your own backyard, to do list of my favorite cities, a few recipes, and making the most of that one big trip a year.

I’m looking forward to sharing with each of you my adventure of figuring out how to be a traveling nine to fiver.


About Megan

Megan MacNee is the founder of Traveling Nine to Fiver. From nine to five she works in the non-profit world in California. She focuses on exploring the world from her own backyard to across the globe. You'll find her sharing about explorations through food, books, travel, and more.