Eating Your Way Through San Francisco

If I had to pick one thing I enjoy most about visiting San Francisco it wouldn’t be too hard, it easily comes down to the amazing food you can find across the city. From neighborhood to neighborhood, you can find the best of pretty much any cuisine. If you’re craving something you can find it in San Francisco.

If you don’t already love the diversity that comes with one of the world’s most unique cities the food will convince you. From Indian or Greek to Mexican or Southern, oh and the Italian. What would be hard would be picking a favorite spot or even just cuisine you can find in the city.

Instead of choosing one I’ll give you a dozen or so spots you shouldn’t miss when you’re visiting San Francisco.

North Beach a.k.a Little Italy

Sodini’s Green Valley Restaurant

My favorite spot I’ve tried in North Beach so far. You can dress up for a dinner out, or go completely casual and still fit in. The food is delicious and the atmosphere is exactly what you look for in homey Italian spot. If you’re trying to get the quintessential Little Italy experience, this is it.

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

Probably the best pizza you’ll find around San Francisco. I’ve been a pizza snob ever since living in Italy and will say this place is amazing. Enjoy a classic margarita and let it melt in your mouth or have fun with the different topping. Just a warning, there will be a line.

Firenze by Night Ristorante

A little more upscale than Sodini’s, but worth a little bit of a splurge. Their specialty is gnocchi and it is probably the best I’ve had since I’ve been back in the U.S. A perfect spot for a romantic dinner.

The Mission


This tapas styled, Argentinian steakhouse is perfect for the meat lover. With some delicious cocktails, unique tapas and, of course, tasty meats you can’t go wrong. Either start you night out here with appetizers and a drink or spend the evening eating through the courses.

El Techo

The rooftop above Lolinda is a street taco bar hidden out of view. One of the few rooftop spots you’ll find around San Francisco, this is a unique and tasty place to spend the evening if the fog has stayed away.Where to eat in San Francisco, California from Mexican to Italian to Greek and more.

La Taqueria

Awarded the best burrito in the country as the winner of Nate Silver’s Burrito Bracket, this hole in the wall styled Mexican spot is perfect for any lazy evening. The burritos are amazing and will satisfy even us Southern California Mexican food snobs.

The Sunset

Yumma’s Mediterranean Grill 

My mouth starts melting while I’m thinking of this spot. Amazing Mediterranean plates filled with falafels, gyro meats and just plain yumminess. If you’re looking for a cheap, but flavor packed meal this is the spot.Where to eat in San Francisco, California from Mexican to Italian to Greek and more.

Guddu de Karahi

A tiny little spot that is my favorite Indian food I’ve had yet. It’s a slow meal with the tiny staff and few tables, but from the chia tea to the curries it is well worth the wait. My tip is to visit on an off hour where you can avoid the crowds.


With a delicious rotating menu, this spot is one of the best in San Francisco for brunch. From wonderful pastries to savory egg dishes it is absolutely delicious. Just make sure to get a sticky bun for the table. Head there early if you want to avoid a wait.

The Richmond

Gordo’s Taqueria

If you’re too lazy to drive over to the Mission this is a perfect spot on the other side of the City. Delicious burritos and tacos, plus tasty quesadillas.

Hard Knox Cafe

The best Southern Food I’ve had in the city yet. They have a full brunch menu of tasty Southern twists on your breakfast foods but don’t skip their chickens and waffles that are absolutely perfect. For sides, their cornbread is a must and their potato salad is my other favorite. Where to eat in San Francisco, California from Mexican to Italian to Greek and more.

Uncle’s Boy

A tiny simple burger shop that you might not expect much out of when you step in, but absolutely delicious when you take a bite. With fun toppings from mozzarella sticks to jalapeño poppers, it is a unique place to stop. Oh, and their fries are amazing as well.

Union Square / Nob Hill


A great alternative to Little Italy, especially if you’re already in Union Square and don’t want to find parking again. Authentic and flavorful food plus the wine was just as good. A great spot to splurge a little on dinner.

Pinecrest Diner

Sometimes all you want is diner food, whether for a simple tasty breakfast or a delicious sandwich. If that is your craving in San Francisco, Pinecrest is exactly where to head. Plus they’ve got tvs with games on so you won’t miss a thing.

Try A Little Of Everything

In San Francisco, you really can order just about anything, and this list only touches the surface. I know the city is filled with Caribbean, Russian and more foods I’ve been wanting to try. What type of food do you love to eat in San Francisco? Where is your favorite spot I missed?

You can find a few more of my favorite here on the to-do list, and I’ll keep adding to it as I continue to explore San Francisco.

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