Eating Your Way Around Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver can be described as many things but I think my favorite way to describe it is a culinary city. In just a few days, I had a chance to sample many of the local highlights from the seafood to the poutine. Eating your way around Vancouver is the perfect way to explore the city.

Make sure to bookmark a few of the spots I enjoyed when you’re planning your next trip to the city.Plate of sushi toped with jalapeños and sauce.

Starting Your Day Right With Delicious Breakfast

One thing Vancouver isn’t short of is delicious breakfast spots. You can find everything from healthy fresh veggie filled breakfasts to luscious red velvet waffles. And it’s not just the tourists who are eating breakfast around town. You’ll find many spots filled with locals, even on weekdays. Because of this, you might end up in a line if you don’t start moving early enough.

A few of my favorites from exploring around Vancouver include the breakfast poutine at The Wallflower. This delicious spot had a plethora of breakfast options, including gluten-free and vegan options, but I had to go with the Canadian classic. And I’m glad I did.Poutine (fries and gray) with pouched eggs on top.

You’ll also find a lot of smoked salmon on breakfast menus. And it’s even better than what you find anywhere else. I enjoyed a delicious smoked salmon benedict at Jam Cafe.

And if you’re looking for a rustic farm to fork styled breakfast look no further than Forage. Their sausage hash was filled with seasonal veggies and perfectly seasoned.Breakfast hash with poached eggs and sausage in a cast iron pan on a wood plank.

Enjoy Some of the Freshest Fish You Can Find

You might feel like you should order fish at every meal while you’re exploring around Vancouver. And you know what? You’d be right. Vancouver is located in a spot that allows them to have some of the best access to fresh fish and you’ll see that reflecting in much of the cuisines. Whether you’re looking for a low key fried dinner or doing it up a little fancy you’ll find you can’t go wrong with ordering fish in Vancouver.

For some of the best fish and chips I’ve had outside of London, you’ll want to make it to The Fish Counter. This super casual spot is more fish market than a restaurant, but isn’t that were you get the best fish? You’ll have an option of a few different fish but the cod was a classic. They also will do all the fish with a gluten-free batter that was delicious.

If we’re talking about fish we can’t forget about sushi and Vancouver is not short of places to give a try. For something a little different visit ShizenYa. They have multiple locations around the city. They are an organic sushi chain that does all their sushi with brown rice. It’s a little different but I loved it.Brown rice sushi with avocado and salmon.

For a little more elegant, and a beautiful sunset, head to Hook Sea Bar. This spot is right near British Bay’s Sunset Beach. Enjoy some elevated cuisine all without breaking the bank. You can order from their expansive raw bar or dig into their entrees and you won’t be disappointed.

Sushi stack with rice, salmon, and avocado.

Don’t Miss this Little Italian Spot

There is nothing like homemade pasta, and there are very few places outside of Italy that do it as well as Ask for Luigi right in Vancouver. This was one of the spots you shouldn’t miss when eating your way around Vancouver. On top of perfectly crafted pasta, they made gluten-free pasta from scratch that is the best I’ve ever had.

They have a simple menu, but everything was delicious. It’s a small spot though, so either be prepared to wait for awhile or try and visit on an off hour.Pasta with marinara meat sauce from Vancouver.

Dig In on Sausages In Chinatown

Now when my sister told me we were going to a German sausage restaurant in Chinatown I was skeptical. Well, she was right. Bestie was a delicious simple surprise. Grab a currywurst or any of their sausages with their curried ketchup. On top of that, they are gluten-free friendly!

Enjoying a local beer and a satisfying sausage before exploring the nearby neighborhoods on foot is the perfect way to start an afternoon.Plate of sausage with sides of potato salad and french fries with mustard.

Find Some Lebanese Around Vancouver

While traveling I love trying new cuisines and one of the great things about eating your way around Vancouver is that they offer so many. The diversity of food in the city is matched by few others. One of the finds we learned we couldn’t miss was Nuba. A casual Lebanese restaurant that is available a few different places around the city.

It was a refreshing and light meal that was still flavor packed. The falafels were a great start, and we enjoyed the lamb and chicken. Either share a few dishes with friends or start with an appetizer and share your entree.

And Finish With Dessert & Coffee

Whether you need an afternoon treat or a sweet to wrap up your day you won’t have any trouble finding some in Vancouver. For a pick me up, consider stopping by Bows X Arrows or Matchstick if you’re exploring south of downtown. Both of these spots are quality roasters worth a visit. In Gastown, I also enjoyed Timbertrain Coffee.Man making pour over coffee in a coffee shop.

If it’s warm enough, you’ll want to swing by Earnest Ice Cream. They have whimsical flavors along with the classics and it’s the perfect afternoon treat. I particularly enjoyed having their rocky-road as a birthday treat. If you’re more in the mood for pastries swing by the Gluten Free Epicurean, I know gluten-free pastries may not sound like your thing but they’re some of the tastiest pastries I’ve had.

Eating Your Way Around Vancouver

One of the greatest things about eating your way around Vancouver is your ability to enjoy a little bit of everything, even if you’re just visiting for a short time.

Have you been to Vancouver, Canada? If so, what was your favorite thing to eat?

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