A Day Exploring Dog-Friendly Napa Valley

If you like wine tasting, delicious food, and beautiful views but want to bring your pup along on this adventure look no further than Napa wine country. You’ll find countless spots to explore with your pup in dog-friendly Napa Valley.

Sometimes bringing your dog along on a trip means you miss out on some of the best parts of a place. That is not at all true when visiting Napa, California. Here you can still enjoy the wine, food, views, and so many of the activities that make the Napa Valley great.

Everything you need to know for your next trip to California Wine Country. What to do, where to stay, places to eat, and must visit wineries in Napa and Sonoma.

Whether you’re planning a day trip to the area or you’re spending a weekend away there are so many places you can enjoy with your pup.

Dog-Friendly Tasting Rooms

Enjoy exploring some of the best of Napa wines with your dogs in tow. Many tasting rooms are dog-friendly either in outdoor spaces or right in the tasting room.

If you’re spending time in Downtown Napa you’ll want to stop by  Mark Herold Wines right by Oxbow Public Market. You can enjoy tastings start at $20 and they’re happy to have your pup take a seat with you while you taste.

Dog-Friendly Napa Valley Alpha Omega Winery

Another great spot in dog-friendly Napa Valley that I love is the Alpha Omega Winery. Call ahead and make a reservation to sit out on their patio. Sit back and relax and enjoy their delicious chardonnays (yes I just said that) which are different from what you’ll normally find in the valley. Their red wines are even better. It’s not the cheapest place to taste with tastings starting at $50 each, but it’s worth a chance to relax with your dog at their patio.

Of some of the more popular spots in the valley, Mumm is a perfect place to bring your dog. Tastings start at $25 each and you get a chance to try some of their sparkling wine that you can’t normally find on the shelf. Plus Mumm has one of my favorite views of the valley.

Glass of white wine in the sun glare. Trip to California Wine Country.

Or stop by one of my favorite spots, Rutherford Ranch. They allow dogs in the tasting room but if the day is half decent, you’ll want to hang out on their lovely patio. Tastings start at $30 but I recommend the chocolate pairing option that comes with some delicious Napa made chocolates that pair perfectly with the wines. 

I’ll be adding to this list as I continue to explore Dog-Friendly Napa Valley but in the meantime, you can check out a full list of wineries to visit with your pup here.

A Dog-Friendly Lunch

Now that you can taste wine with your dog around, you’ll need a good place to eat where they can join you as well. Luckily the weather is normally perfect for eating outside in the Napa Valley. Another thing that makes dog-friendly Napa a great place to enjoy.

Some of my favorite spots are up in the Yountville area of the valley. This might be the most foodie area of the valley and is known for spots like the French Laundry that can break the bank. Thankfully the area also has some spots that reasonably priced, especially for Napa, that are absolutely delicious.

Dog-friendly Napa Valley

You’ll want to stop by Lucy at Bardessono. It’s set in one of the most beautiful hotels in the region and somehow won’t break the bank. You can easily enjoy lunch for around $15. You can sit out on their patio with your pup or they serve their full menu at the bar and can enjoy sitting around one of their fire pits.

If you’re craving some Thomas Keller but also want a casual vibe, check out addendum. It’s basically the backyard to Ad Hoc where you’ll find picnic tables and grassy space for your dog to enjoy along with some of the best fried chicken you’ll ever eat. A quick note, they do close for a couple months each winter so check to make sure their open if that’s when you’re visiting.

Neon sign for Oxbow Public Market in the sunset in Downtown Napa. Trip to California Wine Country.

For something a little more casual, make sure to check out Gott’s Roadside. Their burgers and sandwiches are so delicious that I start to crave them and know it’s time to plan another visit. They also have two locations that both have great outside space for your dog. One is in Downtown Napa at Oxbow and the original is up in St. Helena on Silverado.

Taking a Walk in Wine Country

The weather in Napa is almost always the type that will make you want to get outside. Plus a nice walk is sure to make every pup a happy camper. Whether you’re walking between wineries or you’re wearing them out before you head on a wine tasting trip there are a lot of spots to enjoy a nice walk right in the valley.

Check out the Vine Trail Napa Valley that takes you from Downtown Napa to Yountville. Walk a piece of the trail or start your morning on one side and wander your way to the other.

Or take a hike on one of the many trails around the valley. You can find a great list of them here.

Even Stay the Night with Your Pup

Hotel structure with a piece of fish artwork and garden in Napa. Trip to California Wine Country.

One of my favorite places to stay in the Napa Valley is the Napa River Inn right in Downtown Napa. You can read a little more about why I love it in my post about Downtown Napa. Now that I’m a dog owner I love the fact that they allow dogs of all size for only a $25 a night fee for pets.

Or if you’re up for splurging on your trip Bardessono is one of the most beautiful properties I’ve had a chance to visit and they are extremely dog-friendly. No one batted an eye when I walked my 100 lb dog right into the lobby. Plus, Yountville is pretty much in the middle of the valley, giving you a chance to explore it all easily.

A Luxurious trip to Dog-Friendly Napa Valley

When you’re in dog-friendly Napa Valley luxury and time with your pup go hand in hand. While not everywhere in the region is available to you with your pup in tow, you’ll find that a wide variety of spots throughout the valley are. Plus, it’s a great way to get your dog out and exploring.

Traveling is more of a challenge as a dog owner, and sometimes it means leaving your pup behind. Thankfully you can bring them along on your next trip to dog-friendly Napa Valley.

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