Changes Coming for Traveling Nine to Fiver in 2018

If you’ve been following along this year you might have noticed I’ve been much less active on here over the second half. I’ve started a new job that I love, worked on spending time with friends and family, and still been traveling like crazy. All of this has pushed writing and blogging into the background.

Woman standing on beach in Mexico with sunset in the background.

At the same time, I’ve been thinking about what’s important to me. I’ve been trying to figure out if I want to keep blogging, and if so, what do I want that to look like. I’ve also been rethinking how much I want to be traveling and where I want to go.

What’s Changing in My Life

As I’ve figured out that second question it’s helping me figure out that first. I love to travel, I love exploring new things, but I have realized how disconnected I’ve felt from my life at home. And you know what, that’s important to me. Right now, it’s more important to me than travel.

The past two years I’ve spent a quarter of my time away from home, all while working a full-time office job. It’s been amazing, I’ve experienced things I could never have imagined. It’s helped me find more of myself. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world. But, for me, it is not a sustainable pace.

For this reason, I’ll be making changes in 2018. I’m planning on being home more. I want to spend more weekends at home than I do away. I want to really be there to engage with the people in my life but also become more involved in my greater community. I want to really work towards buying a home. And I think I might even want to finally pull the trigger and get a dog!

I still want to travel and explore but instead of being a part-time traveler I’d rather consider myself a semi-frequent traveler. I want travel to be a part of my life, but I don’t know that I want to be my defining factor at the moment.

City streets at dusk with cars and street lights.

It will take me a little while to figure out what this will look like. But I’m going to start with exploring more at home. Taking day trips. Exploring in my cooking. Exploring through my reading. Exploring when I’m at home as well as when I travel.

What Does This Mean for the Traveling Nine to Fiver

If I’m traveling less, what does this mean for the blog? To be honest, I’m still working those details out. But it’s likely that you’ll find a wider diversity of posts. I won’t just be posting about exploring new cities and travel tips.

Instead, you’ll find posts about the other ways I continue to explore while at home. That will include articles about what I’m reading, what I’m cooking, and more. You’ll also see more about California. For the fact that I’ve called it home for over 20 years, I really haven’t made it an intentional focus on the blog.

Wine glass in front of beach sunset in Laguna Beach, California.

I’m also hoping it will share a little more of a personal story. I want to be better about writing about my own experiences. Not just what I’ve enjoyed in a city or a place.

I Hope You’ll Follow This Next Step in My Journey

Three years ago, I realized I needed to prioritize travel in my life. Now, I’ve realized that I need to find a new balance and instead prioritize exploring in its many forms. I’m still going to be a Traveling Nine to Fiver, but it will be beyond just flying somewhere new and instead about expanding your life to be rich and fulfilling in the many ways you can.

So here’s to take the next step. To adjusting your path. And to what I’m sure will be an amazing 2018.

About Megan

Megan MacNee is the founder of Traveling Nine to Fiver. From nine to five she works in the non-profit world in California. She focuses on exploring the world from her own backyard to across the globe. You'll find her sharing about explorations through food, books, travel, and more.