Blogging & Travel Resources

Traveling Nine to Fiver has been at it for almost a year. I’ve been spending a lot of time traveling, writing and blogging. It’s been a great adventure so far and I’ve been learning some tricks along the way. On these pages, I’ll share with you some of the easy cheats I’ve found and the best travel resources I’ve used for both traveling and blogging.

The travel resources will focus on good deals, discount codes and other ways to help you save while you plan your next trip. The blogging resources will focus on what have been the most useful tools for me over the past year, and even some with discounts or extended free trials.

Traveling Nine to Fiver’s Resource Lists

Travel Resources

Whether you are booking flights or hotel rooms or trying to find activities in a new city, use this list to help you plan your next trip. The best resources to book your next trip and some discount codes to go along with it.

Blogging Resources

Are you a travel blogger or looking at starting your own blog? Here are the different resources, groups, and services I’ve used so far that have been the most help for me. Plus a few with extended trials and discount codes.