An Easy Weekend Getaway in Manhattan Beach

Every year around about April I start feeling the need to take a bit of a break from the world. While I’ve had a few three day weekends it’s been awhile since the holidays and the nine-to-five is taking its toll. So I headed off to a getaway in Manhattan Beach.

This spring I wanted to take a quick escape to and the thing I kept coming back to was the beach. I’m still a SoCal beach bum and had a trip planned to see my family so worked around that.

I chose a getaway in Manhattan Beach because it has everything you need from a beach in a walkable distance and is a quick cab ride from the Los Angeles airport. This kept costs low by not needing a rental car to enjoy the area.

I found an affordable hotel close to the water and a mile off the main boulevard, the Sea View Inn, which also provided free beach equipment and bikes. This meant I also didn’t have to worry about bringing towels or chairs along, making the trip that much easier. Over three days I walked and shopped, relaxed and read on the beach, enjoyed some amazing food, and truly came back feeling rested. Too many vacations are a blast but you come back as tired as you left.

Relaxing with a View

Bruce Beach in Manhattan BeachIn Manhattan Beach, we kept finding places where we could just sit and relax: On the pier, under the pier, on a set of swings and at Bruce’s Beach.

My favorite was the pier but the boyfriend loved Bruce’s Beach, a block long park up a hill where you can still hear the waves but have some shade and are off the sand.

The Food, Oh the Food!

Sushi in Manhattan Beach Best Food EatsThe most memorable part of our weekend in Manhattan Beach has to have been the food, everything from breakfast to dessert.

The two best finds had to have been sushi at The Izakaya by Katsu-ya, where we had the best sushi dinner (and we eat a lot of sushi) and even with a bottle of wine it was only $100. And North Beach Café, a little spot full of locals and friendly staff that we liked it so much we ate there two mornings in a row. I’ve even recreated their brie, jam, egg and bacon breakfast sandwich here.

Things to do On Your Getaway in Manhattan Beach

Our favorite non-food find was a little independent bookstore named Pages. We found it our first day right before closing and came back to dig in deeper and I almost walked away with an armful of books. Instead, I settled on The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories by Marina Keegan. When I got home I was thrilled to find that they include staff recommendations on their website. I know I will be using them to help find some good reads.

Manhattan Beach Under the Pier ocean californiaFor some of our other great finds in Manhattan Beach check out our things to do list with all our favorite places to eat, explore and hang out.

Our last day it got pretty toasty out so we hid underneath the pier and read our new books before grabbing a $20 cab ride back to LAX and the flight home.

Next time you’re in the Los Angeles area be sure to take an afternoon or a couple days to explore and relax in Manhattan Beach. I know we will again soon.


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