A Traveler’s Gift Guide & Giveaway

What to buy for the person who's favorite thing is travel. Our Traveler's Gift Guide has gift ideas for any traveler. Plus don't miss our giveaway.What do you buy for the person who spends their time traveling? A lot of us travelers try to minimize the physical things we have and focus on the experiences. That can make us a hard bunch to shop for. With the holiday’s around the corner use our Traveler’s Gift Guide to help you pinpoint the items that will improve your traveler’s experience.

The best gifts are the things you want, but wouldn’t buy yourself whether that is a wine suitcase or a CityPASS for your upcoming trip.

If you need to kickstart your holiday shopping we’ve got you covered. VinGardeValise has provided us with one of their wine suitcases, the Valise 2.0 to giveaway. The perfect gift for your favorite traveling wine lover or as a special holiday gift for yourself. Enter to win below.

You will find affiliate links in this post which allow me to continually improve Traveling Nine to Fiver. I hope this article is useful for you. Thank you for reading. Free giveaway and holiday gift guide. Enter to win you own VinGarde Valise wine suitcase. Wine love gift.

Traveler’s Gift Guide

Wine Suitcase

For a wine lover like me, one of the biggest bummers is traveling somewhere amazing and not being able to bring home more than a bottle or two of your favorites wines from your trip. And even if you do you’re worried about the bottles breaking in your suitcase and ruining everything. A great treat for your traveling wine lover is the VinGardeValise, a suitcase built to carry a whole case of wine under the 50-pound airline limit. A great gift allowing you traveler to continue enjoying their trip after their back home, all while saving them from the exorbitant shipping rates.What to buy for the person who's favorite thing is travel. Our Traveler's Gift Guide has gift ideas for any traveler. Plus don't miss our giveaway.

CityPASS for an Upcoming Trip

If you know where your traveler is heading next check and see if there is a CityPASS in that town. Whether it’s Seattle, Houston, New York or more these passes allow you to see all the sites while saving a bundle. As a gift, you’d allow your traveler to do so without spending a dime. Take a look at the cities where it is offered.

Betabrand Yoga or Sweatpants

At Betabrand, you can get the most comfortable pants for men and women that still look like you’re dressing up. They are comfortable for long hauls in the car or plane, but you might not have time to change before grabbing dinner somewhere nice when you arrive. I often live in their Dress Yoga Pants and their men’s sweatpants are a great option as well. Plus get $15 off your purchase using this link.What to buy for the person who's favorite thing is travel. Our Traveler's Gift Guide has gift ideas for any traveler. Plus don't miss our giveaway.

Airline or Hotel Gift Cards

I love airline and hotel credits as gifts. It’s just one more way to do what I love without spending as much. My family knows I fly Southwest the most, so I get those. For hotels, you can get a little more creative. My favorites right now have been the Kimpton line. Amazon sells a wide variety of airline and hotel gift cards. You can find them here and take a look around at whatever Amazon offers.

Kindle and Accessories

One of my biggest must haves as a traveler is my Kindle. I’m a huge reader and if my trip is more than a few days I will get through more than one book. The problem is I don’t always have space to carry them around. If your traveler is also a reader and they don’t already have one, a Kindle makes a perfect gift. If they already have one Amazon gift cards are a fun way to give your traveler more books to read. Or check out Etsy to find fun cases. What to buy for the person who's favorite thing is travel. Our Traveler's Gift Guide has gift ideas for any traveler. Plus don't miss our giveaway.

Bluetooth Speaker

If your traveler is also a music lover it is great to have a portable speaker to use in your hotel room or even while laying on the beach. My favorite is the Jawbone Jambox. There mini’s run about $80 and larger up to $160.

Even More Ideas For Types of Travelers

Gift Ideas for Scuba Divers

Is the traveler in your life also a scuba diver? If so that opens up a whole new area of ideas. Take a look at the list linked above to get you started.

Outdoor Junkie Gift Ideas

Is your traveler an outdoor adventurer as well? I’m not too much of one so you’ll have to check out the list above for great ideas for your outdoors junkie in your life.

A Few More Gift Ideas for Travelers

If these aren’t hitting the mark with your traveler take a look at The Savvy Globetrotter’s list.

The Female Traveler on Your List

Find even more unique gifts including some with a little pink and a little bling for any special lady in your life.

More Holiday Gifts Travelers Love

Love the items on this list, especially the traveling corkscrew. I keep one in just about every bag I might travel with.

Best Headphones for the Traveling Music Lover

I love my Bose but a lot of people don’t like their level of base. Make sure to check out this pair as well.

Thank You, VinGardeValise 

VinGardeValise  supplied a free Wine Valise for the winner of this giveaway just in time for the holidays. If you win you can be your family’s favorite guest as you bring home some of your best regional wines. We were excited to announce the winner on December 4th.

All of us who didn’t win are jealous so don’t forget to include the VinGardeValise in your holiday shopping list. Whether you’re looking for a free gift for your loved one, or you want to keep it as an early present for yourself. It’s an easy way to bring your wine home from a road trip or to fly a case home from your trip without worry about your bottles shattering, a must-have for any wine lover.

The case is made up of a 100% polycarbonate shell with a foam liner that holds your wine bottles snuggly. Ensuring that they won’t break over the flight. On top of that, instead of paying for shipping or trying to squeeze two bottles into a carry-on (checked of course), you can fly home an entire case, all under 50 pounds. So if you’re like me and fly Southwest it’s absolutely free.

If you’re not the winner you can make up the cost of the case in just five flights verse shipping home a case.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you to VinGarde Valise for supporting this giveaway. 

About Megan

Megan MacNee is the founder of Traveling Nine to Fiver. From nine to five she works in the political world in California, but on evening and weekends spends time exploring the West Coast and more. All while encouraging others to join in on the adventures.

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  • Karilyn (NoBackHome)

    Awesome list Megan! I love the yoga pants.. I literally live in yoga pants being a mom.. I am checking these out – it sure wouldn’t hurt for me to be a little fancier some days 🙂

    • You definitely should. I wish I could actually live in my yoga pants, but these help make it easier to.

      • Karilyn (NoBackHome)

        You should be getting a $15 credit.. I bought two pairs of the pants!!

  • Wow, the wine suitcase is a good idea. I know someone who had a bottle explode in her regular suitcase. I’ve been way too chicken to ever try packing wine.

  • I love the yoga pants- my birthday is coming up so I think it would make a great gift from me to myself 😉

  • Svetoslav Dimitrov

    Oh, wow, the wine suitcase is an excellent idea and the price is not too high. I entered to see if I can win one or get a discount 🙂

  • Jo Karnaghan

    I love the idea of that wine suitcase. Sounds like the perfect excuse for some serious winery action! But I also like your choices for gifts for the savvy traveller. For gift givers looking for something small as a stocking filler or for a secret santa, I’d love the idea of some goo tubes, or a kindle download of a guide book for a fabulous destination

    • Agreed and I can always use an excuse for winery action. And you’re right I didn’t get into the stocking stuffers but they are great gifts as well.

  • Oh…my…god! I’ve seen a lot of these kinds of posts lately, but this is the first time I’ve seen a suitcase designed just for wine!!! I SOO want it!!!!

  • Sam

    A wine suitcase! what a brilliant idea! Really original gift guide!

  • I would love to get all of these things! I hadn’t heard of dress yoga pants, but now I wonder how I lived without them for all this time.

  • Lesley

    I haven’t heard of Betabrand before but they seem like a great “fit” for me. I’m going to look them up right now. I never wear the right thing on the plane.

  • Megan Claire

    You had me at wine suitcase!! This sounds amazing – competition entered!! Fingers crossed!

  • Nancy

    Great gift suggestions, especially the wine suitcase! Why didn’t I think of that? It would be perfect for trips to Napa. I usually wrap the wine with bubble wrap and hope that my suitcase has a smooth flight. Happy holidays Megan!

    • I’m lucky and haven’t had one break, but know people who have. I’m always in charge of wine for the holidays so this is a perfect way to bring it home.

  • I love this post. I’d never heard of the VinGarde or the “business casual” sweatpants, and now I want both! I would wear those pants to work EVERY day of the week! Also, I love your Kindle cover!

    Thanks for hosting this giveway!

    • They are two of my favorite thing I’ve found in the last year. And definitely find the kindle case fitting, since it’s bigger on the inside 🙂

  • Europe Diaries

    Cool gifts:)

  • Cheers to traveling

    Great gift ideas! I would love those pants!

  • simdelish

    I just posted about this terrific wine valise myself, I soooo want it! This is a great list, Megan — very thoughtful. I’m about to order those pants, as I’m always on the lookout for comfy stretchable yet stylish clothes for traveling. Thanks for a Traveler’s Gift Idea List that’s better than all the rest!

    • Thanks so much! And yes the pants are amazing, I actually just ordered another pair since they are having a great sale this weekend.

  • Buddy The Traveling Monkey

    A friend tried bringing back bottles of wine from Argentina and failed miserably. They broke in his suitcase and ruined all his clothes. A suitcase made specifically to transport wine is genius and I’m sure he would have loved to have it then!

  • Lara Dunning

    I’m so down with the wine suitcase and yoga pants! Great ideas!

  • Travel with Mia

    I feel like I need all of these! My favorite would be the yoga pants. I’m all about comfort when traveling but I never leave the house in my pajamas (I wish more people felt that way). This is a great way to be comfy and look stylish at the same time.

  • shraddha gupta

    I never knew something like a wine suitcase even existed. What an exciting post with an exciting product feature. Would love to buy this one! 😀

  • Jenna

    I love the idea about gifting a city pass–they can always come in handy when traveling to a new destination! I’ve never heard about a wine suitcase before. Sounds like a great idea and I know a few people who would love one!

    • I love the CityPASS for first time visits to cities. And I’m realizing there are many of us wine-loving travelers out there.

  • Alli Blair

    That wine suitcase is super neat – that kind of gear has my name written all over it! 🙂

  • GoatsOnTheRoad

    Ah, us travellers sure can be difficult to buy get gifts for! I absolutely love the idea of a CityPass for a gift.

    • It’s so true that we are hard to shop for. Although to be honest my parents at least have given up on the stuff side of things, which I’m okay with.

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  • placesandfoods

    Citypass is a great idea. Never thought of that before.

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