8 Things You Must Have On Your Next Flight

When you’re packing you might make lists, think about the things you’ve got planned on your trip, but what is often just an afterthought is packing you bag for the plane. Whether it’s a long or a short flight if you don’t have the right things it can be a boring or even miserable experience. You really can only stare out the window for so long.

Next time you’re packing for a trip, make sure to include your personal bag as part of your planning. And to get you started here are eight things you must have on your next flight. Plus, a bonus item that never hurts to bring along.

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Reading Material

This is my number one item. I’ve fallen in love with the Kindle for travel, it allows you to bring multiple books along for you trip all in a tinnie tiny package. Real books are a great option as well. Get inspired for your trip, read something trashy to start relaxing before you even arrive or start that book you’ve been putting off for too long.

Another great option is taking the time to create your own, whether it’s writing or drawing, bringing a notebook to create instead of reading is another great option.

Reusable Water Bottle

One of the worst things to be on a plane is thirsty. I always most need a glass of water right during takeoff, or when the pilot asks the flight attendants to sit down. It’s never when they actually bring you a drink. So bring your own water onto the flight. I love having a reusable bottle when I am traveling so I start with the flight. Either fill up from a water fountain or ask a bartender to fill up your bottle for you. Two of my favorite reusable bottles are CamelBak and Sigg, all depending on if you like the straw or the open metal style better.

Healthy Snacks

Half the time I don’t end up eating these, but even if it’s an hour flight, if I don’t pack myself a snack I will be starving. Pick your favorite snack to bring along while traveling and make sure to put some in your personal bag. My favorites are KIND Bars, they are tasty and pretty durable.


If you’re like me, your ears pop when you fly. Whether that’s something normal for you or if you’re fighting allergies, a great way to beat the plugged up ears is chewing gum during take off.


Getting comfortable on a flight isn’t always easy but a scarf can help solve many problems. It serves as a blanket, a pillow or just a scarf. They are all things that can help make your flight more comfortable. A pashmina style scarf can be one of the most versatile.

Toiletry Wipes

Toiletries aren’t always easy to figure out when your flying. Whether it’s waking up with bad breath, needing your face washed or hands cleaned, Savvy Traveler has you covered. Their wipes take up almost no space and are perfect to use on your flight or at the airport.


Another one of the most uncomfortable things that happen on a flight, or in general, is chap lips. Somehow as much as I try and keep a chapstick in my bag at all times it’s on flights that I end up without one.

Portable Charger

Especially on long flights, you’ll want to make sure you don’t run out of batteries. Bring along a portable charger that you can easily adapt to all of your electronics. Belkin makes some great options that can be a lifesaver. It can recharge your iPhone three times, so you can listen to music through just about any flight.

Bonus: Drink Tickets

Travel is stressful and sometimes the best way to let go of the challenges that can come with it is grabbing a drink, for me, that means a glass of wine. If you’ve got them don’t forget to throw your drink tickets in your wallet. Maybe you can even share one with a traveler who is having a bad day.

What is the one item you must have on your next flight? Let me know in the comments below. The eight items you must have on your next flight. What you can't forget to pack in your carry on personal bag.

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