30 by 30 – An Update Halfway Through

Checking off thirty items by the time I'm thirty, from travel to cooking to fun things to do. What I've accomplished in the first six months.It’s April, which means I am halfway through my year. So it’s time for an update on my 30 by 30 list. It’s hard to believe that I’m only six months from turning 30 but it is also crazy to look back and see everything that I’ve done within that time.

I’ve been able to check off thirteen items from the list. Not quite halfway there but some are long term items I’m already working on. I think I’ll be able to get to just about all of them. The last six months have also included things I never thought about putting on my list like going snowshoeing for the first time and whale watching (hadn’t done it since I was a kid). It also has involved some harder things, like a long-term relationship coming to an end and having to hunt for a new apartment and move. These weren’t things that I planned on 29 including but am hopeful that they will be steps towards making 30 the best year it can be.

The month of March didn’t involve checking anything off the list and was a month where I needed to slow down and focus on taking care of myself. That meant less travel and adventures, but even in all the turmoil I still made some good memories with family and friends. Plus, I booked my flight to Bali, so I am only a month from checking off the biggest item on my 30 by 30 list.

Take a look at my updated 30 by 30 list with some photos from the ones I’ve checked off, what’s in the works and the items I’ve still got left to do. Got to get a bunch more on my schedule for the next few months since October is going to be here sooner than I’d like to think, but for now I’ll enjoy the Spring and Summer.

1 – Go to Bali

The ticket is booked and I am going the first two weeks in May!

2 – Get scuba certified somewhere amazing

Working on the logistics at the moment but will get certified in Bali.

3 – Bake a souffleBaking My First Souffle

4 – Cook an artichoke

5 – Go apple picking, which will, of course, lead to baking an apple pieApple Picking In Apple Hill California

6 – Take a knife skills class

Need to find a school I want to go to, like somewhere fun in Napa.

7 – Host ThanksgivingMy First Thanksgiving Meal

8 – Go to a Winemakers Dinner

Have a plan with a friend to go soon.

9 – 11 Go to Seattle, New Orleans, and Nashville

Nashville will be where I turn 30, and I might be pushing New Orleans back a bit but it will be to celebrate another friends 30th.Get to know the people, the place and the food with Savor Seattle's Pike Place Market tour. The best way to start your visit to exploring Seattle.

12 – Visit Point Reyes

13 – See the Sequoias and/or Giant Redwoods

Time to get a trip on the calendar. Think it will be down to the Sequoias this summer/fall.

14 – Drive the PCH (HWY 1) from Carmel to Ventura, the piece I haven’t doneThe perfect road trip. Driving along the Pacific Coast Highway on the California Coast. San Diego to San Francisco. Where to stay, stop and explore.

15 – Go sailing on the San Francisco BayThe best thing to do in the bay area. Go sailing on the San Francisco Bay. A bucket list item, sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge.

16 – Stand Up Paddle Board on Lake Tahoe

Waiting for it to warm up a little more. There is too much snow up there still for me to take this one on  just yet.

17 – Send postcards on each trip I take

In the works. Have gotten almost all of them in, although a few seem to have gotten lost in the mail. Gotta keep it up!

18 – Watch a beautiful sunriseWhere to stay in Los Cabos? Should you stay in San Jose del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas?

19 – Watch a meteor shower somewhere amazing

There is a big one in August that I’m trying to plan a fun camping trip around.

20 – Go swimming in a waterfall

Might need to find one in Bali. Or just plan a day hike to some of our nearby spots.

21 – Be debt free

22 – Complete the “Read Harder” book challenge

Over halfway through! It’s not easy to keep my reading this focused. Gotta keep on it.

23 – Find a type of cardio exercise I like

Working on recreating the routine with the spin bike. Hoping this sticks but I’m not anywhere near the point of saying I like it. I just hate it less.

24 – Get better at photography

Think I want to look into taking a class to hold myself accountable to this one.

25 – Break 20,000 unique viewers in a month on the blog

26 – Go on a fully sponsored tripThings to do on the Pacific Coast Highway from Santa Barbara to Cambria. Including Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo, and Morro Bay.

27 – Get paid to write something

One of my goals after Bali is to get rolling on not just one but many of these.

28 – Meet other travel bloggersGet involved with the travel community to learn more, get inspired and meet like-minded people.

29 – Try at least five new types of cuisines

Well, I’ll get at least one of these checked off in Bali, need to get some adventurous friends and explore some new spots both near and far.

30 – Love turning thirty!

I think I will! At least, so far I am really loving being 29.

Check out details on all the items I’ve already checked off over on the 30 by 30 original post. Do you have a bucket list of any sorts you’re working on right now? Let me know in the comments. I’ll need ideas for my 40 by 40 list. 

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